Specifically to RTX3000 owners

I am planning to do a complete build with one of these cards early next year and hopefully there is an availability.
My question is do you get a solid performance drop with lots of clouds? Has one the highest impact on performance on my current setup besides big airports.
What’s the performance like with stormy weather in places like LAX,JFK,KSEA etc… Overall smoothness and not fps.
Also plan on getting VR.

The answer is almost certainly yes, but I have not done extensive testing.

What I can tell you is I run with Ultra settings across the board, including clouds, at 1080p with a 1080, and get very good frame rates in almost all cases. A 3000 series will eat this for breakfast, but will likely mean the weakpoint would be your CPU.

What are you planning on getting? I use a 9900K, and it works very well. A 10900K would be a good choice, but you may want to hold off if you plan on going down the AMD route, as they have a new range coming out, in early November I believe.

My plan is to build a new PC from the ground up.New CPU,RAM,MOBO etc.Oh forgot AMD has some Ryzen 5k series coming.
My current PC is doing fine but when it comes to Airliners at big airports performance goes down hill.
My goal is to get solid performance across the board.So you are running a gtx1080?
Btw I am on 1440p.

Yeah, one of those slightly overclocked EVGA FTW 1080’s. I was gobsmacked that I could run it at Ultra, but to be fair I only fly GA, so I don’t have to worry about the added complexity of those systems.

if you’re going to keep playing on 1440p, the 3080 is overkill. If you plan to upgrade to 4K, ultrawide or multiple 1440’s down the road, then sure, go for it.

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I am not planning to go 4k at least not anytime soon.I forgot to mention VR

for VR it might be nice as well.

Anyways, it’s worth to wait for about 2 weeks to see what AMD announces on their new Radeon cards. At least you’ll choose knowing all available info.

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Why I mentioned ‘‘next year’’ I will certainly wait out.

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Tokyo, 1440p @ max settings with 150 render scaling.

At night, 30 fps average, day 45 - 50 fps

I have a 4790K processor and a GTX 1070. It runs the sim well with custom settings and 90% render scaling at 4k, but I’m ready to upgrade to something that will give me Ultra. I was waiting for the 3080 but since it’s not available now I’m just going to wait for the new AMD stuff. Will probably get a zen5 cpu and mobo and the new Radeon card because it has 16gb mem for less money. I run at 4k on a 55inch Samsung HDTV for the main visuals and a 22 inch touch panel for air manager panel.

Thanks for the replies but I really wanted to here from anyone who really has their hands on either a 3080 or 3090

Good evening, with my new config: ryzen 3900x, 64gb ram 3200mhz, ssd 860evo and rtx 3090 gigabyte, in ultra 4k I shoot at 50fps in the clear sky and 25 fps in heavy clouds and fog. In London Heathrow and Paris Cdg airports, with rain + fog I am between 25 and 35 fps. Ram video in major airports eats me between 12 gb and 14gb of vram on the 24gb of available. Sometimes I come close to 16gb of ram when there are a lot of planes in major airports. Usually I shoot around 45fps. Cordially :slight_smile:

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I’m running AMD 3700X and a Gigabyte 3080 OC with 32GB RAM.

My performance has been consistent around 40-45 FPS with live traffic and multiplayer turned on with Ultra in everything (I even went into the config file and increased building LOD to 10/1000 and terrain LOD to 3/300).

If I turned off traffic and multiplayer, it would never leave 60FPS on 4K.

I will say that in busy airports with tons of ground traffic, air traffic coming and going, and yahoo real players doing loops over the airport I end up dipping to 20-25 at first, then it settles around 30.

Clouds do not affect anything. Weather doesn’t affect anything.

My limitations are primarily CPU.

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Thank you that’s what I am looking for glad to here.

The fps won’t bother me too much whether it being 25-30fps as long as its constant. On my current setup stutters are consistent across the board.
I would also notice stuttering at big airports. When I check the vram its @7.8gb
Thanks for your feedback.

it’s not much use checking the VRAM. The game will claim/reserve as much as it wants to, it doesn’t report how much of it is actually being used.

Never once in my use of 3080 have I experienced a stutter. However, stutters are more about the CPU getting tripped up on traffic calculations.

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Here is my transition on using different cards leading up to the 3080: (note that I always have my monitor refresh rate @30hz and FS vsync @60 to get the super smooth frames. This is using an A320 with Flybywire mod in most major airports.

1080ti - Can run mixed High/Ultra on 1080p
2080ti - Can run mixed Med/High/Ultra on 4k
3080fe - Can run Ultra on 4k

No card up to this point can run consistent 60+ fps ultra in an A320 on major airports on any weather, hence why I decided to have my monitor locked at 30hz.

I have yet to make a vid with the 3080 but here is some samle vids:

1080ti: A320 @ Sydney Landing Challenge 1080p

2080ti: A320 in KBUR @ 4K

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30x will certainly fix some of my issues. Performance drops mainly with clouds and bushes causes stuttering. Atlanta areas has densely populated bushes and to me has the most more than any other US city city besides some of the cities in the Carolinas.
My only fix is dropping down to 1080p.Having no issues with normal trees outside those areas. Oddly the Atlanta area is lot more choppy than NYC and Seattle.I believe it was intentionally to hide the ugly photogrammetry polygons.

im the happy owner of a 3080rtx,i can assure you that there s no stutters in the clouds or anywhere else and im on 4K ultra setting BUT ,i oftenly do bush flying so ,im not going in big cities except sidney wich was surprisingly smooth.if it can help you my card is an asus3080 TUF version.