Specifying the location for boarding stairs

I started building a custom airport recently but I can’t seem to figure out how to specify the area in which the stairs will wait at a gate. I moved them by hand to the areas marked in blue but they all still assemble in the area marked in red. Does anyone know how to address this problem? Should I simply build GA parkings instead to avoid using the stairs altogether?

The project is open source by the way if someone has to look at what I did to figure out what went wrong, I will be creating the first official release within a week. github.com/boreq/epkk .

It seems like this may have been a bug as the latest update fixed it (even though it introduced some other SDK bugs for me unfortunately).

Did you ever managed to get the stairs working? When I ask to connect the jetway to ATC (which is an indication something is wrong) I get the answer that they’re unable to connect the jetway. As far as I can see on your github page, I use the same configuration as you do.