Speculation- XBOX X Announcement for November 10

I am hoping that there will be an announcement that FS2020 will come out with new Xbox x, any thoughts?

Thanks, Dan

I suspect it will be a little while before we see FS2020 on the console. Probably next year at least.

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The way they rushed it out on PC i guess MSFS will be available for Xbox in december 2020. They do not want to miss out on the Christmas holiday market … :thinking:


Will i have to buy the game for that platform or is the game a play anywhere title where it would install an update to make it playable on the xbox series x

It will be interesting to see how they optimise Fs 2020 for it to be playable on the new console. In doing this hopefully we might also see a few fps benefits coming to the PC version.

That being said, I would be surprised by an end of year release.

If yes, like fight on two broken fields, it is definitely not good sign, for both platforms.

I would guess they aren’t too concerned with the Xbox version right now. The PC version is their focus, and always will be. The Xbox I suspect is a release to not only help sell the new Xbox, but to help showcase the hardware. They want to get the PC version up to snuff and polish it more before worrying about the Xbox version. With all of that in mind, I would be doubtful for a release by the end of this year, and early next year is far more likely.

At least Asobo lists MSFS on the “XBox One” category:
I think in the background they are and have been already preparing the launch for XBox and I don’t see it much of a deal for PC. Most optimization will help also PC users and they also said there will be improvements in a patch coming this month.

Some decisions w/ regards to UI were obviously also taken based on ability to play it on XBox, like the huge tooltips.

The FAQ says:

Q: If I buy the simulator for PC will I be able to play on my Xbox when it is released? Is this an Xbox Play Anywhere title?

A: The Play Anywhere is a new initiative by Microsoft to combine platforms of gaming, letting Xbox gamers play on PC with any first-party Microsoft Studios published game that is digitally purchased and vice versa. Microsoft Simulator is an XPA title.

See: https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015204020-Microsoft-Flight-Simulator-Pre-order-FAQ

Important is a hint though:

Q: Will people that have the sim on Steam be able to play together with people from Microsoft Store?

A: Yes, the sim shares the same multiplayer world, content and services. However, if you purchase through steam, you will not be able to use the Xbox Play Anywhere functionality (PC Windows 10 and Console).

So the Play Anywhere is only available for the Microsoft Store purchase (I assume retail DVD is equivalent), not for Steam purchase.

All i wanted to clarify is if an update will be required to make the game playable on the xbox one x or the newer xbox series x platforms hope that clears things up

I still don’t understand your question - what kind of update do you think of?
Currently it’s not available on XBox, so probably they’ll keep updating the game (which will also include already preparation/optimization to make it run on XBox) and at some point they’ll launch it on the XBox where you then can download it to your console and play it.

To enable support for xbox does that answer your question

Currently the game is not available for XBox. Just wait for the official launch and for you it shouldn’t matter if there is an update or not, you’ll have to download the game to your console anyhow.

That confuses me even more. I don’t understand. If it’s released for Xbox, there may be a day 1 patch or something. What do you mean to enable support? It’s not available for Xbox yet.

The sooner it gets released on Xbox the sooner we will get dx12 on pc.

Think the console can handle 4K? :laughing:

The Xbox Series X can handle 4k and the Xbox Series S does 1440p but can upscale to 4k.

I mean with a decent FPS

It will run with a decent FPS, the new console is using the lastest RDNA 2 gpus, not the current AMD flagship 5700XT. It also uses a Ryzen Zen 2 processor and a custom SSD which is extremely quick.

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Now why did I hear that before?