Speed Brake


in the Cockpit maybe of the A320 you can find the Air Speed Brake and i want to bind a key on them or axis… but i cant find it in settings?
Is that a bug or is this a feature that i have to land in cockpit with them?


Search for “Spoiler” in the “ALL” bindings filter
And welcome btw!

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Thank you, I too was baffled as to why they wouldn’t include a binding for the Air Brake :joy:

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With reference to the speed brake level, I found that with “Num key /”, I can full open the spoilers (speed brake level) or full close. Even with “increase spoiler” key it moves from 0 to full open without increasing step by step.
I noticed that axis control of the spoiler is present but I have not an available axis for this command.
Is there anyone that can suggest me how to increase step-by-step the spoilers mapping a key?

Did anyone find out how to step-by-step increase/decrease the spoilers? Also the axis, as mentioned, doesn’t work.