Speed brakes cannot be toggled to deployed position on most Asobo aircraft after Sim 5 update

After Sim Update 5, spoilers, speedbrakes cannot be deployed by either keyboard or Logitech Extreme 3D Pro. Tested on several aircraft including CJ4, 747-8, 787-10 and Longitude. Keyboard and joystick assignments were double-checked. Toggling the spoilers/speedbrakes via keyboard or joystick after they’ve been manually deployed (i.e moving the lever) will retract them.

Also noticed that now, during assignment, toggling a button on the joystick does not light up the assignment button.

Can you try to delete the assignment. Validate, so that nothing is assigned. Save the profile. Then reassign the button. I had an issue once where directly reassigning did not work.

Let me give a specific case. Before Sim 5, you could deploy spoilers on CJ4 via joystick or keyboard after touchdown to slow the aircraft. After the update, the planes do not recognize the key to deploy, only to retract.

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You still can.

I still propose the workaround I posted above, since I had a very similar issue once where my controller input was not detected, although it showed as correctly assigned. If it works it would at least be a quick fix.

Tried that, didn’t work for me.

:pensive: Was worth a shot.

I just posted asking about this in the main update thread…“Toggle Spoilers” doesn’t seem to work at all, at least in the Longitude and CJ4. Was working before the update, now, nothing. The individual extend/retract work but not the single toggle command…


I have same issue in A320, 787, 747 so far, I am unable to depoloy spoilers by any means, even drag with mouse doesn’t work. I am only unable to set spoilers to OFF or ARM position.


I can confirm this is a key mapping issue for the Longitude. Applying the speed break in cockpit works. Just not the mapping by key press.

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Yep can confirm exact same issue for me - really annoying I rely on the spoiler toggle on the keyboard / controller a lot.

I have just submitted a report to Asobo:

Request #112171 Spoiler Toggle No Longer Works After Sim Update 5 on Keyboard or Controller - Only turns Off not On


Tested on the CJ4 and 747-8, can successfully deploy and retract spoilers using buttons bound to my throttle while on the ground.

Ok I got it, keystroke “spoilers togggle” and spoiler axis now toggles just OFF - ARM positions and if you drag it with mouse it will drag just to next detent - 50% in A320 and then you need re-lock handle with mouse again to move it past it.

Nope it doesnt work for me using “Toggle Spoilers” key on yokes or joystick.

Only working inside cockpit with mouse.



Mine is mapping and only arming and disarming the speedbrake in the Eurofighter. But it is not deploying, and in VR, I like assigning a button on my stick. It’s unflyable without a speedbrake. Or at least not much fun.

Toggle spoilers doesn’t work anymore, I changed it to extend and retract speedbrakes and now it’s fine.

Also, the air start in Longtitude spawns with engine off, is there a way to fix it in the maybe approach.flt something to do with [SimVarForSpawningInTheAir.0]?

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Exactly what did you do to get the speed brakes to toggle on and off without using a mouse?? What exactly did you change?

How did you get this to work? Please be exact as to the procedure.

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Same here… Can retract them no problem but no extending with the toggle set. For now I’ve did a bit of a hack - mapped the / key to extend spoilers to turn them on, and then can still use the button on the extreme 3D pro (who else on this thread has one?) for retracting.

Kind of sucked trying to pull into KSFO doing 240 kts… didn’t end well.

This is my work around solution; ‘toggle spoilers’ no longer work, so you have to split it to ‘retract spoilers’ and ‘extend spoilers’.

But you have to assign that in the second column, otherwise you can only retract/extend it one way lol.

Please like this post and upvote, I’m sure lots of people are having this problem and hoping this will get fixed soon.