Speed of other users is not correct

I have observed that the speed of other users is not correct. I mean that same plane at maximun speed, the other user is faster, much faster if you observe ine plane and the other.
For example i plane lime mine was taking off stopped in the runway, i was doing a low pass at high speed, i overpased the othe plane and at one minute after the other plane paseed mevey fast and at dome seconds he was miles away this the same plane and i was at maxximun soeed

do you know that the other aircraft wasn’t being slewed?

Yeah, the other (multiplayer) plane might be time-compressing.

And what i’ve noticed from watching a few youtubers, is that their flock that follows them is in different planes than what they are actually flying. I’m guessing only when being on one’s friends list, the correct aircraft display.

It was not slewed because he was also turning
And i have notice this with every user

It’s probably not aircraft speed, but the observed effect of network traffic via UDP, and some kind of client prediction going on.

are you sure you both had the same weather settings? Even if you thought you did, the sim may have bugs still that meant you didn’t. I had trouble keeping up with my friend once and we determined it was due to me having more headwind. If you have multiplayer options set to All then people with different weather settings can fly with you. If you both had weather set to Live, it may be a sim bug with weather that you got different wind speeds to contend with