Spikes on Terrain and and Mesh Problems - Global

Yes,i think there is no Fix for the Holidays…

Same for me. Hope a fast fix :stuck_out_tongue:

Same here !!!

Interesting that you @EricGonzalezM saw the same (a similar?) thing … I had 3 spikes … right on the beach as I was flying back to Hilo:

But I saw that on 2020-12-13 … so that “bug” was there prior to this update.
My three spikes flattened out as I got closer.

It would be interesting to know if you saw “the same” thing … because that would mean that the bug is reproducible and (at least) “consistent”.

“consistent” would then mean, that the code which is pre-computing the LOD “levels” for elevation data on the server side has a bug which can produce extreme points for the triangle mesh. This typ of bug should be easier to debug than a client side, GPU and load specific, rendering issue.

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Same here. at KSFO and near KSBA.


Those are the very same 3 spikes I saw near the beach. As identical as if I had taken that screenshot myself.

Another picture for @Easyraider7884 :slight_smile:

This is just west of 3W5 (Concrete) looking to the East.

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Where did the desert quote come from? I never wrote those words.

Southern Norway is filled with those spikes. Definitely a pond/river/inland waterlines problem for specific LODs. We need a hotfix as soon as possible.


No, the spikes could be seen very far away on the horizon.

First flight after the update. Wanted to see the snow feature. So I departed from Gardermoen and cruised over Norway.

Those strange issue deniers were either within arm’s length with Adobo or Microsoft stakeholders, or simply idiots. I cannot imagine with spikes everywhere someone still claimed that the game is playable so we should stop complaining and let developers enjoy their holiday. Nobody here is expecting anything more than basic quality control from PROFESSIONALS.


I’ve already paid for the Deluxe Premium edition, three new aircrafts, three full sceneries, three FS Academy missions, three Idaho Bush Trips, two guides, SoFly Weather Preset Pro, … not counting new graphic card and power supply.

Of all my purchased MSFS stuffs, the core program has the worst quality control and brought most frustrations. To be honest, I don’t mind Asobo simply leave the game as it’s just released, and let all those third party add-on developers take over MSFS’s continuous improvements. I don’t even mind paying $10-15 each time for 3rd party developers to do the right updates.

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They’re in Brazil too, you can even see them on the PFD terrain which means it´s not an artifact. When I get really close they disappear.

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I flew past a huge one on the Chilean or Peruvian coast a few months ago. Maybe someone got the inspiration for the monoliths in Utah and Hungary from MSFS :joy:

I got the Premium Deluxe for the 787 and sceneries. I made a conscious, calculated risk, knowing that there would be problems, and problems there were.

On the other hand, as much as so many little things annoy the heck out of me in MSFS, I never got into a sim platform that was brand new. When I started with P3D, they were already in 3.x and I didn’t jump into X-plane until last year, so both had time to mature a bit.

So I weigh my annoyance with the reality that this is only going to get better with time. But stupid stuff like this, that stem from basic, quality control problems indicates that teams need to also mature a bit and get their act together. At the very least- Beta test stuff first, ya know?

Meanwhile, name a sim that you can fly AND rock climb at the same time. We’re making history here :crazy_face:

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@EricGonzalezM, that is “good” news … to some degree.

Since you saw the same artifact as me, that makes the bug reproducible.
I think it would be interesting to get an idea how many of those spikes will “heal” once the camera gets close enough … and how close enough. Clearly Asobo should be able to narrow down the LOD at which this bug hits the elevation data.

I have seen an incorrect “mountain” east of Sao Luis (Brazil, SBSL) … and that one was persistent.

So the “spikes” seem to be one thing … and then there is incorrect elevation data as another thing.

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Same in south of LFLG (45.06 5.68)

Guys, where’s your sense of humor?

These are Christmas trees growing out of the ground…

I’m sure that after the holidays the spook has an end!

Wish you a Merry Christmas and more serenity!