Spitfire door still not closeable on XBOX

Still cannot close the door preventing a cold and dark startup in the FlyingIron Spitfire Mk IX on XBOX. This has been confirmed by MS as a sim issue causing problems with multiple planes.

Also temperature gauges not working…


Closes now on Xbox

I can’t open it on the Xbox - cold and dark it’s already shut.

That was the fix, until Asobo fix the door working on their end.

I don’t believe this would be an Asobo issue. Other third party aircraft I have with interactable doors work just fine, so I see no reason why FlyingIron can’t update their product to work properly as well.

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The Devs certainly say it’s a sim issue stopping WASM coding from running on the XBOX. Apparently, Asobo have the fix but havnt deployed it and are delaying, so FlyingIron asked MS to push the hotfix through quickly as a workaround after SU7 went live.

Which MS did, as the update went live a few days after the Devs said they had asked MS to do it.