Spitfire over to Europe

Left Biggin Hill late afternoon in SoFly UK Spring weather, put it on AP & forgot about it.
3rd shot shows what happens when you run out of gas.

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Was thinking og getting the spitfire…does it have AP

Autopilot? In a Spitfire? Sacrilege!


I think AP stands for aluminium pistons in the context of Spitfires…

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Well in that case I can say: this is also a clear NO. The pistons were from a nickel-chrome steel alloy. Aluminum would never have survived that. :slight_smile:

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Oh thats good, thought it was a bit strange…wont get it if it has Autopilot

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There’s a quasi keyboard based generic AP you can use if you edit, I think, systems.cfg, & do some keyboard mappings.
Will give you toggle AP On/Off, [I use the Z key]
Ctrl + A gives Hold Altitude & Ctrl + H gives Hold Heading (Those are my attributions)
Basic, but saves the eyes on long trips.

Were they? unusual choice for an IC engine piston. Those alloy steels are dense! Most aero engines used Al-Si forged alloys. I thought Merlin’s used the same (Rolls-Royce designation RR.59). Might be wrong on that though.