Splash Screen Please

Awesome thanks

30 seconds + loading into a flight is still a lot quicker than DCS World and X-Plane. Infact once in the sim it loads flights up remarkable quickly. Yeah it sucks it takes a while to get into the menu’s but it encourages me to have more short flights and to go exploring which I do a lot in VR.

I still run a HDD. 30sec from click to menu would be unheard of.

The OP is complaining about the 30sec of nothing.


still on desktop…

did I double click?

is it going to load?

ah! there it goes!

Would be nice to have some indication. Even if it was just a little propeller spinning when you first run the shortcut.


Yes. THIS.

How hard would it be to write one line of text, that pops up Loading MSFS…

Most of the time, I am left wondering did it take, did I click it right, sometimes, It does not click right… and im waiting for nothing…

Totally stupid to sit there in dark with no clue, Maybe I should write a basic program, that tells me when its launched…

what! a batch file to run a shortcut? UNHEARD OF!!

Imagine if the developers ever got wind of that. Anarchy!

Maybe I should write a basic program, that tells me when its launched…
That’s exactly what FS Jumpstarter does - see my post a few above.

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It will be good to have a splash screen (Very easy to do) from the launch of the software. It takes me about 40 seconds before realizing that it is launched it will avoid having the panel “Already launched”

I use a 3rd part Splash Screen, which is basically a script.
You can modify it to do whatever you want, like load other programs, search/replace in config files, etc etc , before MSFS is started.

Unlike a fixed ASOBO solution, this can be customized to do anything you want (and can program !! )


(Credit to original author …)

I have started seeing this appearing since a recent gaming services update.

Others are reporting the same thing https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/just-started-getting-a-splash-screen-on-launch/517228/

A few months ago there was a brief period of time when the splash screen appeared but then it went away again. Fingers crossed this time!

If this is now permantly resolved it may be time to tick off this thread as “accomplished”!

I will leave it open for a few more days, to allow for an opportunity to see if this remains a stable “permanent” thing. :smile:

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Apparently this splash screen, that some have reported, is currently only available to those on Windows 11 who have purchased MSFS in MS Store… so it seems others are not yet seeing it.

I started seeing the splash screen a few days ago (for the first time, did not see it when others did so last year with Sim Update 4) and I’m on Windows 10. The Microsoft Store tells me Gaming Services was updated on 13th May so this is likely what triggered it.

Even if all Microsoft Store users are getting it now, I think this request should remain open until Steam users get it too.

I have Windows 10 and see the splash screen on start. I do have the MS Store version.

This screen is delivered by gaming services and not dependent on OS version.

Windows 10 also has it if gaming services is current.

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Since the splash screen is delivered by Gaming Services this is likely an automated, generic splash screen by the Xbox infrastructure, rather than a native one made by Asobo. The latter is probably the true solution in order to have it appear for everyone, and to make it stick permanently (not disappear if something in Gaming Services changes or if it experiences an outage).

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The problem is not to add a splash screen.
The real solution is to make the loading faster.

We have this now.