Spoilers not moving when turning

Why won’t my spoilers move when I turn?

Which airplane?

Hmmm normally the “Spoilers” are not made for turns they are there for: To make the plane lose speed, to lower it faster, to slow down and to make the plane lose speed after landing. So it’s normal that you don’t see them move when you turn :smirk:

At least on the A320 they do deploy on turns. But it depends on how fast you bank. If you flick the controls to full Right/Left very quickly, the spoilers do deploy when turning.

But if you only slowly bank to either side, the spoilers doesn’t deploy, only the Ailerons make the movement.


What typically will move when turning are rudder, ailerons, and a tad bit of up elevator. I believe in most heavies you may see “air spoilers” deploy from time to time to complement ailerons when turning. Which of these are you referring to?

Because they don’t do it

On most aircraft the roll spoilers only start to extend after a certain amount of yoke/aileron deflection (except if there are no ailerons of course)

On the A320 it’s different. The roll spoilers extend as soon as you are starting to bank, both, the ailerons deflect and the roll spoilers extend.

@Neo4316, not on the A320.

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Flight spoilers definitely assist the ailerons on the B737.

Yes yes it is true, but I did not know if he speaks of the plane in flight or on the ground, on the ground of course he does not move :smirk: