Spoilers shutting down engines?

I fly with a thrustmaster T.16000 with spoilers set to the rear axis.

Whenever I fully deploy spoilers on any Jet the engines shut down, does anyone know whats going on?

I have checked in controls and there is nothing else set to that axis?

I would double check that there is not a button triggered at the bottom of the slider. I would guess there is and it is set to throttle cut or similar. I have the thrustmaster airbus stick which I think is the same as the T16000.

Thanks for this, Just looked through all assignments and spoilers axis is the only thing set to the slider, I will raise a ticket i think

No problems and best of luck with the ticket.

If you don’t have any success, do a quick search in the controller settings for Button 5 and check if it is mapped to anything. I am fairly sure that is the event that is triggered when you move the Slider 0 axis all the way to the bottom. Another way to double check is after selecting the ALL filter, click on the Search by Input box with your mouse then move the slider in the same way that you do in the sim when the engines cut out. This will bring up any assignments linked to that input so you can clear the unwanted ones.

Thrustmaster often uses so called virtual buttons. When you reach a certain point of the axis, a “button” can be triggered and executing something “different”. You can select/unselect virtual buttons in the USB Controller menu, as mentioned before also check that for example the “shut down” function isnt assigend to a (virtual) button.

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