Spontaneous aleatory Reset in load screen from update may 15th

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Hello everyone. Since the last update on May 15, I am having problems that my computer restarts directly. I can’t access the simulator neither in normal mode nor in safe mode. Obviously I have tried as always removing everything from the community folder (actually renaming or moving it) and there is no solution. I also can’t access to generate a report because it won’t even go to the main screen, it goes black and instantly reboots my computer. The rest of the programs installed and the games that I have, whether from Steam, Epic or individual, all work with the maximum resolution and quality without any problem, ergo, so it’s a Sim thing.

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No screenshot, fast reset

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Only the usual use of sim

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The graphics drivers (AMD) are the last and work fine until last update

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My computer is a Ryzen 9 5700X, 32G RAM DDR4 corsair vengeance mounted on a MSI X570A Pro mother with a MSI RX 6700Xt 12G VRAM video card. On the other hand, the source is more than enough, it is an XFX 1700W and everything is protected with a 3.5KW stabilizer . Kit Logitech rudder, yoke, and power panel

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Error en la inicialización de la inscripción de certificados de SCEP para WORKGROUP\ATANORA$ a través de https://AMD-KeyId-907d65e9b562315997dd5ad086b2b7598957b92c.microsoftaik.azure.net/templates/Aik/scep:

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Fase: GetCACaps
No encontrado (404). 0x80190194 (-2145844844 HTTP_E_STATUS_NOT_FOUND)

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Last update MAY 15th

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After trying many configurations and not finding a solution in the two days that I could not fly and refusing to completely reinstall everything, I turned to the AMD forum (since it is mentioned in the error) without finding an echo to my question.

The easiest thing to try without having to reinstall the entire operating system, programs, download the MSFS again was to remove the video drivers despite the fact that with these that I mentioned in the request for help it was working correctly until now (without having updated any drivers and the only thing that was updated was only the SIM in the past update).
Lost for lost, I completely uninstalled AMD Adrenalin, rebooted and Windows 11 installed its own by default, which are version 27.20.21034.37 of 7/27/2021 (very old!)

Just in case I left out the COMMUNITY folder.

However, the SIM booted into safe mode, as it had reset itself many times on the loading screen before reaching the main menu.
I did a short flight of about 12 minutes (SAEZ - SABE) with the C152 without noticing failures

I rebooted the PC and booted into normal mode and repeated the flight with the Sim already in normal mode (still no COMMUNITY installed)

The next thing was to place this folder in the sim and repeat the same flight in normal mode. I tried both the C152 and the PA-28 Arrow IV that I have purchased. They worked without a problem.

The litmus test is then to put the previous Adrenalin driver to the latest, which is 23.4.1 from April 3 (where I know for sure that MSFS did not have any problems).

It worked smoothly about 4 times that I turned off the PC testing each time. At night I repeated the process and it started to reboot like before.
I went back to basic Microsoft drivers and to my surprise the sim booted up just fine and I was flying for quite some time.

Obviously there is something that interacts with the Adrenalin video drivers and causes this failure since when I install the previous ones (second to last) where I know for sure that there were no problems I see that it works a couple of times and it restarts.
As I said, this started happening to me after the updates in the middle of this month (May 2023).
Using the control panel option to revert to the previous video driver (Microsoft’s) MSFS works normally again but it is obvious that I lose all the configuration facilities that Adrenalin gives me.

We will have to wait for both FS and AMD to find the problem.