Spot the mistake!


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4 engines on a B777

TBH, the first mistake is using the gawd awful default models.

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No its that monster Killer Caterpillar behind the plane.

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Sadly, that is an Airbus A340 and not a Boeing 777.

It’s not a 777 or A340, it is merely the Asobo fictional, default four engined aircraft. And it seems to be working just as intended.

The only mistakes are the strange black line above the plane, and the crazily low resolution of the picture.

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Thats not a strange black line, look at it it has feet, and more then 4 therefore its a Monster Killer Caterpillar!

What GPU do you use? A potato?

It is not a mistake. The nose of the aircraft is exceptionally pencil sharp for improved aerodynamics. This has just been discovered recently and was done wrong for decades because commercial aircraft designers had never worked together with fighter designer!
This seems to be also the aircraft version for smaller pilots with extra low windshield.
Would love to see it closed …

All if it aint Boeing, aint going. Never saw a nose of an airplane shaped like that, do not follow airbus, so it could be one of those. The A380 is 4 engines, the BA 747 is 4 engines, maybe some 707s left in service a DC-8 too, Convair it would be way old if it was. Russia may make one, again do not follow. Regardless, the sharpie over the description above/behind plane covers over the nomenclature. Bets are Airbus. The winglets are not like other A380s I found, some had it some did not. He might be too close to runway threshold as well, am not expert.
Liked the caterpillar thinking though.

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