Spotlight events or weekly activities

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for months the maverick tile is on the top left. I do not see any spotlights events that are important for the Decathlon achievement. What is wrong ?

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every start of MSFs

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amd 5950x, rtx3070

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since maverick update

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Broseph, someone posted to replace a widget homepage file and then a new landing challenge entebbe appears. Does this still work after su11 .

I saw that thread as well (don’t have the link off-hand), but someone reported that it did in fact work (PC users only). Worth a try.

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It really worked. I now have 5/10 . Perfect. Perhaps I can use this file for the next event again……so I do not have to accomplish stupid discovery flights for hours to unlock this tile.

This post is the first result when looking for the issue that no spotlight event or weekly activity is available, but the “solution” you picked doesn’t actually provide any solution except a vague reference to some other thread. Could you be more specific on how you solved this?
Thank you

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Look at this post for the workaround

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Thanks I managed to do 1 challenge this way. Not as many as I expected, but enough to get that first achievement for 1 ^^

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Hello, which challenge did you accomplish ? Entebbe landing ?

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Not sure since I reverted back to the original files now, but yeah it sounded like that as far as I remember

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NEW Spotlight Event available after SIM Update. Thank You Asobo. Finally there is a new spotlight event: Landing Challenge at First Flight Airport.
It seems the devs now care about Spotlight Events ! Thank you. Now I got 6 out of 10. the achievement seems possible now.

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