Spotted a few "real" static airliners at KBOS yesterday

While flying out of KBOS, parked at the gates, I spied 5 of the static A320’s in the markings of real airlines. They were mixed in with the ugly MSFS generic schemes. Only problem was that aside from a couple of Jet Blue aircraft, the others were Aer Lingus and British Airways. Pretty sure we’ll never see A320’s in those markings at Logan.

That being said, I don’t have any mods downloaded that would have done this. Previously, all I saw were generic airliners. Did the latest update make some changes here?

On a related note, since apparently the sim has the ability to use authentic liveries, how can I tweak the settings to get US-airliners at US airports and get rid of those ugly generic schemes? Does anyone offer other static airliners such as the 737, CRJ and E170’s in authentic schemes so I can finally have a realistic looking ramp at my major airports?

Hi, just taken a look myself… but can only see generic aircraft. Are you sure you don’t have an addon that could have placed them?

I have a couple of Orbx airport addons for instance… and include some static aircraft in real liveries.

One thing I couldn’t miss at KBOS though… was a floating terminal building!


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Hanging my head in shame… I had actually installed a few liveries from the Megapack quite a while ago and promptly forgot. That being said, as I understand it, you can only select three liveries in total? That means if I go with US jets for domestic flying, I’ll only see those same types at Munich for example?

On the 2nd part of my question, for airliners, is there any way to add static aircraft that aren’t included in the base sim, such as the CRJ, 737 series, E-145, etc? Or are the airports limited to what static types Asobo provided in the sim? I kind of miss not seeing SWA 737’s at my local airport.

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No worries :grinning:
I’m afraid I don’t know the answers to the other two questions. I did have a livery pack installed a while back, but didn’t reinstall it after one of my many re-installs.
No doubt somebody could add extra static aircraft, but personally I wouldn’t have a clue where to start.

By the way… do you also see the floating buildings or is it just me?


Floating buildings at airports is one of the many unintended side effects of the dumbed down LODs with SU5. If you examine carefully, you’ll see it’s not so much floating buildings per se, but whole sections of buildings that are now missing - typically the ground floor. So for single story buildings, you’ll see the roofs floating. With multi-story, you’ll see the upper floors, making it look like the building is floating.

I’m not hopeful this will get fixed any time soon.

Ok, thanks for that. I suspect you are correct and they won’t get fixed for a while :frowning:


The only limit I know of is if you have more than 13 I think it is FSX model style AI aircraft, the sim will crash. You can have unlimited gltF MSFS model AI aircraft though.

One of Jorg’s initiatives has always been to bring the real airlines to the sim. He’s contacted all the major airlines looking for licensing and permission, but, so far, only KLM has responded. He is, however continuing this. He’s also been getting some consulting from the people at AIG, who’ve done a lot of AI aircraft modeling for FSX and prior. He talked about doing a statistical analysis of the types of planes flying today, and building something like 100 of them, I’m sure the 737 will be on that list. I’m imagining we’ll have to wait likely at least 6 months for this to start to come to fruition, but, it’s possible it could start appearing sooner.

Interestingly, for the first time last night while I was flying north of Boston up to Portsmouth, I didn’t see them, but I heard multiple calls to KLM and Lufthansa aircraft on Boston Center… I was like “wow” :slight_smile:

I’m not sure why Lufthansa came up, as, I had removed all my liveries. So, there appears to be something new in the game with AI since SU5.

Regarding why Aer Lingus was in as an A320, I’m not sure how parked aircraft are chosen, but, if a real life plane shows up in the sim, it’ll search your aircraft to see if it can find a generic model close to what the icao_airline is for the plane, and if it finds one, it’ll show it. So the A320 will sub in for many twin engine jet planes.

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