SR22 altimeter malfuntion

The Cirrus SR22 in my MSFS2020 has a malfuntioning altimeter, it shows a lower altitude then I’m actually at, and I have nothing in the community folder. I tried to upload a video showing this problem but “new user can not upload attachments”.

Quick question.

How do you know the altimeter is showing a lower altitude than what you are at?
Are you on the ground? If so then the easy solution is to turn the altimeter setting knob to get the altimeter to match your current field elevation.

If it’s the altimeter, you can press the “B” key in default bindings to set to the current correct* setting (correct local barometric pressure under 18,000 feet, or standard pressure above it).

  • technically this is only correct in the United States, but MSFS applies the USA transition altitude worldwide. in other countries the altitude between these may vary.

Yes. When I’m on the ground at the airport, it shows a negative altitude, like -1700. I did adjusted using the knob once, but, I’ve been told to try Ctrl + B to adjust to the correct altitude and that works. Still Microsoft should look into that if more users have this same problem.

Yes, in did. I’ve been told to press ctrl + b to adjust the altimeter and it’s been working. Thanks a lot. I’ve tried twice in Portugal and it seems to work just fine.

Ctrl B is the sim shortcut for using the knob.
Pull up a checklist. You will see “altimeter - set”. That is the real world shortcut for Ctrl B.

I thought it was just B. I have never used CTRL B. Interesting.

Pressing the “B” key will sync the Barometer to current field altitude if you are starting cold & dark.

It also works whenever ATC reads out an altimeter reading directly to you or to other aircraft in the same control zone sector.

It even works if you suspect the barometer setting has changed but there are no ATC prompts on the radio - for example, you just exited a sector of bad weather, but everything is clear ahead. Press “B” anyway, it doesn’t cost you anything.

I even press B if I’m hitting the FAF on an RNAV approach just to make sure I’m actually under the fix altitude in order to pick up GP/GS.

In short, “B” key is your friend. Use your friends wisely and often. :slight_smile:


FYI, this is not a bug. This is how it works IRL. The altimeter reads air pressure and air pressure changes. Weather man says a low pressure system is moving in. Your altimeter is going to say you parked 1500’ off the ground, if you parked when a high pressure system was in the area.

That’s why there is a knob.

Google “Altimeter Setting”.