SRS Sim Racing Studio Profile sliders for some MSFS Aircraft + DOF reality h6 sfu?

I’m wondering if anyone has any custom DOF reality h6 srs (sfu version) sliders they wouldnt mind sharing. I have seen the guides and i usually use the “archer” profile that is downloadable, but that seems to be a general one, those downloadable ones are all the same no matter the aircraft.

So a few example aircraft that would be handy might include
Cessna 172
Cessna 152
and maybe something more acrobatic? (to compare)

I never understood the telemetry on the right hand side despite the help articles either.

I think that the “archer” profile is fine, though i set smoothing in the main area to like 7 or less and boost to 35ish, but i feel like maybe it could be better.

Anyone have any examples to share? I think an h3 sfu would be similar just less axes.

**also wasnt sure if this was the best forum category for this one