Stalling after clicking FLY

Can anybody please tell me why the sim stalls half way thru loading a flight after clicking the FLY button.
Nothing in Community folder, just the updaters installed after a fresh install.
And why am I getting messages about not having enough bandwidth, never had before.
Now into day four of trying to get this thing to work.

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check nvidia driver version latest is bad

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Odd indeed. Bandwidth has to do with internet connection…not the Sim itself. Do you run any other Applications, or Internet connected Programs together with the SIM?

At the moment I’m not running anything else as I did a clean reinstall, probably a mistake.

I think my issue might be to do with that amount data that needs to be streamed.
I had not done a install since before Asobo cut the size of the initial download, so I am suspecting this might be an issue.

Make sure HAGS is off.

HAGS? What is that

Thankyou, I will try anything at this time.
I think the issue is as I stated in an earlier post regarding amount of data be streamed.

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I have the same issue, I don’t know when I press Fly stop responding half way, I does not allow me to fly. I don’t know what it caused if.

There is a problem with the new version of the graphics card driver. Please install the previous version of the driver!

I have gone to the older version but, to no avail.

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HAGS is “Hardware accelerated GPU scheduler”. It’s a new(ish) Windows feature that’s supposed to help with gaming performance but seems to muck things up half the time. Absolutely want this turned off for MSFS.

Thanks for the information, much appreciated.

I also use the “disable full screen optimizations” tweak, disable “game mode” disable hyper threading.

The sim hates things that sound like they should make things better.


Rolled my back still 10 ctds in a row

@GreenMink461037 Did you use Google Maps MOD?

Had used in the past prior to a fresh reinstall. Been trying to get the sim to run just bare bones, nothing in the community folder.

I have exactly the same issue. I have removed all files, renamed the old community folder, rolled Nvidia back to an old driver and reinstalled. My PC is connected to the router via cable and I get a 70Mb connection. When I launch a flight, the loading stalls around 75% and the programme just hangs.

Also HAGS and motion reprojection are off. The same goes for background video recording and all the usual factors that impact performance.

What’s up Asobo ?

I get the same error… Please, please, please help… I am grounded…