Hi, just started playing and left the install with the defaults for difficulty. How can I turn off stalling? It is really weird, I can be 20,000 feet in the air start messing around, get a stall warning then it just says I crashed. How do I stop that? I should be able to try and recover the stall, not suddenly get kicked out saying I crashed.
Also, is there any way to simply continue where you were? Why does it want you to restart from the beginning?

It sounds like you made an abrupt nose up at a good speed and overstressed your aircraft. One can recover from stalls and spins using standard techniques. As for resetting there are no automatic save points for your flight.

You need to use the Autopilot to turn on Altitude Hold. That or use the AI (your copilot) to fly the plane while you make adjustments and read instruments.

Stalling happens when your climb at a very steep angle such that your airspeed reduces past the stall speed. You can’t really turn it off. But you can prevent it by ensuring that you have adequate throttle and adequate airspeed to support your climb. Throttle up during climb, throttle down during descent, throttle up when banking (when you would expect to feel increased G forces if this was a real plane) . If you get in a stall, your airspeed is too low. Point the nose of the plane down (pitching down increases airspeed. I know it seems counter intuitive because the reflex is to pitch up which won’t fix your problem) while you increase throttle and hope you are high enough that you don’t hit the ground while pitched down. Once you have enough airspeed and no longer stalling, pull up and then try to achieve level flight.

If you are sightseeing, I suppose you can extend the flaps so the stall speed threshold will reduce which would allow you to fly at slower airspeeds.

I only have used the Cessna though.

You will get a stall warning whenever your angle of attack (angle between the oncoming air and the wing) goes past a critical angle, regardless of your airspeed. This typically happens at lower speed, but speed is not the actual determining factor.

My guess is that you are abruptly pulling the nose up at high speed, stalling, AND over stressing the aircraft. If you have realistic damage modeled, this over stress will cause a ‘crash’. In the real world you would probably bend/break a wing if you pulled such a stunt and the sim tries to, well, simulate that. A normal stall will not. I have stalled and spun aircraft in the sim and recovered as one would in a real aircraft.

To turn off this behavior, go into your settings and look for damage settings. There are various levels and things that can cause a ‘crash’. You are free to set these as you like.

Thanks, I was actually playing around and doing a sharp turn (playing around), it would be nice to have the chance to recover though. But I guess if it is trying to simulate damage, is there a way to turn off damage?

Go to Options, Assistance, Look under Failure & Damage.