Standard A320 N1 Thrust limit


Hello simmers, I‘m currently flying the standard airbus 320 on the xbox around europe. Before ecery takeoff I calculate my take off perf with the TPC (Airbus Takeoff Performance calculator ny Roland Wukovits which is great! It calculates your vspeeds and you flx temp for takeoff. When i got flex67 for example the thrust limit is at (80.4 Auto) in the end the airbus does not go higher than 84 % N1 even in the climb which means that the climb perf will decrease when flying on higher altitudes.

Now the question, is it possible to edit the flex temp manually in the fms to get brtter n1 thrust limit like 89% furing climb for example?

Thanks for your help

I don’t think the default A320 is that smart. I’m not sure if the Flex Temp is accurately simulated. Even the modded FBW A32NX aircraft the Flex Temp isn’t actually simulated yet. So regardless of what Flex temp you put, I don’t think it really affects the take off performance at all. At least, that’s what I observe so far. So I just use Flex Temp 58 on all my flights. :man_shrugging:

Besides, Flex temp is only on takeoff, right? Once it moves to Climb phase, it will use climb thrust, and it doesn’t matter what Flex Temp you set, it’s no longer relevant to the climb performance.


Don’t know how it is on the FBW A320, but climb thrust N1 doesn’t increase with altitude in the default A320, which is most likely the reason for its anemic climb performance at higher altitudes.


thanks for quick answers, I checked the Flex Temp Engine N1 power with several settings from flex temp 20 up to 65 and the engine thrust on takeoff was lower at 65 flex temp(around 90 % thrust N1) so it actualy works, but when putting back the throttle to climb setting the engines never gave more power than 83.5 N1 or something for the whole climb up to 31.000ft . When taking off with flex temp 20 the N1 thrust stays at 87.3 N1 which is quite a big diffrence when you look at the climb performance. After takeoff its no possible to get to the perf Take Off page where the flex temp can be set. I think that would never be the way to control the managed N1 thrust limit in real life (at the least the standard a320 isnt the most realistic plane in the sim at all). know I asked myself where can I set the N1 Thrust limit manually…

You can’t set the CLB, MCT or TOGA limit manually. Only the reduced TO thrust, in the sim and IRL.

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The autopilot of the airbus 320 is fatal to me from su7, in xbox s. Could you say how are you doing? Thank you

I dont play FS2020 anymore since SU7 is out. Only freezing display or ctd‘s.

I have to wait until the next update comes…