Standard Benchmarks

Ran the New York Benchmark again with the latest World Update. No change in performance.

As we approach the promised nirvana of the JUL27 update I thought it a smart move to bring this thread back to life. Quite frankly these boards are littered with too many “seems to be better” or “seems to be worse” posts with no real science behind them.

Pick a route, clear your caches press record and fly, it’s that easy. You may repeat the experience later to compare. Please don’t forget to take note of all of your settings before you take off.

For Voting about a Benchmark:


MS/Asobo needs to fix broken stuff like the Developers FPS counter. Their own tool reports FPS that is too high in certain situations. I can’t trust the FPS tool and I wouldn’t trust any benchmarks. Independent 3rd party benchmarks would be more reliable.

these benchmarks are for users which want compare here own settings. In case we get a in-game benchmark, allways the same “routines” are executed and so it es exact comparable and that is the reason for such a in-game benchmark.
I not trust FPS counters in generally, internal or external, because its mainly useless. You can have 100fps, but horrible stutters or you can get 60fps with no stutters and smooth feeling.
In meanwhile is the first thing what gamers do if they start the game “open FPS counter and whining in case they get less than 300fps”. It might be better they trust simple here own eyes and enjoy the game, without all these useless counts…


Yup … and many folk seem ignorant of the difference between stutters, microstutters and simple frame drops and all of their causes.

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