Standard or Deluxe?

I think from your post you’ve answered your own question pretty much unless you see yourself upgrading your system in the near future so that performance with handcrafted airports isn’t such an issue, or have an interest in flying the additional aircraft along with your A320.

But to answer your query about the 787, I personally don’t recommend paying for the Premium version just for it. It’s just not worth it just for that one aircraft given that it’s missing so much systems and performance wise with no way (at time of writing) of being able to do much with it due to the DRM. Asobo havn’t said anything i’m aware of, so the things just sat there in limbo sadly.

Quick edit: I bought the store version and have had no issues with it since launch. It installed first time, and every update since has gone without issue. I had my first CTD with this sim after the latest patch late February when trying to create a manual cache. No regrets here buying the store version.

My take on this subject is how much simming you do. I fly most days and have been simming for 30 years, therefore I bought Premium Deluxe. However for my son, who will treat it more like a game and will probably lose interest in a few months, I bought him the Standard version.

I’ve been simming on and off for the last 20 years. I’ve only recently got back into it when FS2020 was released. The amazing scenery from the trailers lured me back and now I’m hooked. I try to fly every day but realistically is every other day. I’ve only really been into airliners and the A320 mod is what I’m currently flying.

I bought the deluxe because way before MSFS was available, I saw the Longitude and knew I had to have that plane. I’m probably different than a lot of the simmers here though. I want an experience that somewhat mimics true-life physics and controls, but I’m OK with this or that not working exactly as the real-life jet does.

Because of that, the fact that Asobo’s version of the Longitude has problems isn’t going to keep me from flying (I use the Flight Dynamics Modifications version anyway). But I understand things like that are critically important to a lot of people here, so I see why they may not want the premium package.

no matter what you decide, do not buy it on the ms store. I made this mystake and it’s a mess. steam is just better for the same price

I won’t disagree that Steam is a far superior platform and I would recommend that route to a first time buyer. But if he’s already got a bunch of logged hours and even add-ons for the marketplace, those are all lost by switching from Gamepass to Steam and unrecoverable. There are consequences for making that jump.

I bought the Premium Deluxe from Microsoft and very happy with my choice.

Just for the Cessna 172 SG and Longitude, it will be worth it. I also like some of the handcrafted airports that would normal set you back for $20 a pop. You can 10 extra for $60. Not a bad deal.


I bought MS Store version , Deluxe. I don’t know what you mean by:
“even for reading”.

I don’t know what you mean by: “settings depending on the running game will not work for you (example Logitech Gaming Software)”. I don’t have LGS software.

I am completely content with the MS Store version and with MS Store.
Repeat downloaded it 4 times again due to MB upgrade and storage drive crash.
No problem from MS store.

Note: The only thing I have purchased from the MS Store is FS2020.

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I would not spend any extra money for the deluxe airplanes. IMO all the airliners in this game are like toys made for people that want a simplified experience, and the airports, even though they are cool, they kill my FPSs. I am waiting for some 3rd party dev to give us some better product, but that will take maybe some years to see.

Standard, Deluxe or Premium Deluxe?

I went with the deluxe to get the Baron and a steam gauge 172. I was pretty sure from past experience that I would not be happy with the default “complex” aircraft, so although the 787 is of interest, I will wait until a developer that knows how to build such things, gets onboard.

Those were my top 2 reasons to get it as well. Love the C172. The Baron would be acceptable if the mixture actually worked. The SR22 was another one I was interested in. It was a bit of a letdown unfortunately.

Just a side note on the mixture…
It works just the way it should in the G58. Kinda.

The real G58 has an auto mix feature. Instead of trimming the mixture according to EGT the Garmin actually puts a line on the fuel fuel gauge at the optimum setting. You just move the mixture lever to match the recommended fuel flow. Pretty slick actually. Works beautifully.

I believe the MSFS G58 design team saw that the Baron has AutoMix and stopped reading. Note - no line but functions automatically. So fuel flow is pretty close. I have done a number of range tests and it really isn’t far off.

I do like the Baron. I’ve flown it quite a bit. Until the Seminole was launched, it was my most used dual prop plane.

I bought Premium Deluxe specifically for the 787 and a couple of airports. The jet is a joke. It looks good, and functionally- it works. But, most systems on the jet don’t and the autopilot isn’t realistic at all. Even the mod that improves it can’t do much. If you’re okay with that, then go for it. It looks nice, but it in no way resembles the actual airliner. You’ll have to learn to fly one way only to unlearn that when a study-level 787 shows up.

The sceneries in the deluxe and premium deluxe are okay- but some third party developers did a much-better job on some airports. KORD, KATL, KDEN are perfect examples. You can get a lot more airport for a few bucks from somewhere else. On the other hand, there are airports in the deluxe/premium deluxe that haven’t shown up in the addon marketplace yet- so they’re nice to have if you fly there.

I regret now that I did not purchase the Deluxe version. There is no economical way to correct my mistake now. Currently I would have to pay almost full price to get the Deluxe version instead of the differential price I would have expected.

Why - The Deicing switches in the Beech G36 to not work in the Standard version, but they do work (I am told) in the Deluxe version of the plane. Currently I have been flying around the world in a northerly route and ran into serious icing conditions in upper Norway, Sweden and Finland while using Live Weather (which is what a real pilot would do. Normally a pilot would wait for better weather or change the weather to Clear skies to overcome the issue. After I came back down into northern Europe, I found a workaround solution to map a key to Deice the windshield and props and it works great but you do not see any keys move in the process.

I don’t feel I want to spend the nearly full price to upgrade what should cost $30 to fix this issue. Instead, I will purchase 3rd party planes I find a fancy for and overcome the situation that way instead.

Someone in the forum suggested this link to me below to fix this issue - at least for now.

The Bonanza is not certified for flight into known icing and as such has no de-ice. You can fake it with the button mapping but the real aircraft does not have it.

The real Bonanza is not rated for flying in icing conditions. In real life, you shouldn’t be flying that plane in icing known conditions. You either fly the plane as it was intended to be flown, bind the command as you did, or change the weather. The choice is yours and depends on the level of realism you want.

There isn’t a Deluxe version of the Bonanza or of any of the base planes. Deluxe gets you extra planes. It changes nothing of the base models.

Thank you for clearing that up. That makes sense, except I’m puzzled yet.
Even though it is not certified for deicing, why do they have the two toggle switches on the panel? One is for Prop Deice and the other is for Windshield Deice?

The prop de-ice, from what I understand, is for emergency use only. The windshield heat is basically to just defrost, and would do nothing against actual ice buildup. That’s not a condition we really have to deal with in the sim. So those switches don’t actually work.

But regardless, the plane shouldn’t be flown in known icing conditions. The only GA piston planes I’m aware of in the sim that have deice are the DA62 and Baron.