Standby Attitude Kills FPS

Not sure if anyone else has noticed this but the small standby attitude instrument absolutely demolishes my FPS.

I have an RTX3090 and if I do a normal startup I get around 45fps (on max graphics). However as soon as I flip the “STBY ATT” circuit breaker, my FPS jumps up back to 60+!

That’s a massive increase for a single little instrument, which makes me think there’s something wrong with it on the back end. Anyone else run into this?

Yes, the Kodiak thread has multiple mentions of it from the dev and other people.

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ah ok. glad the devs area ware. hopefully they’ll put out a hotfix asap. in the meantime i just keep the breaker popped

You can also try commenting out this line in its panel.cfg:

;gauge00=SWS_ESI500!SWS_ESI500, 0,0,512,384

what does that do

It stops the standby attitude indicator from being drawn. It should be the same as popping its fuse. The semicolon is commenting it out.

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You can actually pop the breaker to turn it off and gain the frames back. It’s the 3 amp breaker close to the center of the bottom row. This was demonstrated in one of the review vids on YT, but I can’t remember which one.

i said which breaker in the op

I gotta quit skimming and actually read!


No worries. I do that all the time! :slight_smile:

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Just bought the aircraft today and noticed this (big FPS drop with standby attitude).
So not yet fixed at this time and no mention in change log that I could see.

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Just pull the fuse. You don’t need that thing anyway.

yeah that’s what i say in the OP. but the devs need to fix it for real and it’s been half a year

I have explained numerous times why the FPS drop is happening, why it is an MSFS-PC only ohenonemon and why it is not easily fixable.

There are two ways to fix it:

  1. User side: turn on NanoVG for XML gauges from dev mode
  2. Developer side: redo the instrument in JS from scratch. Given that the SDK for is only 3 months old, it is a short time to make a replacement for something that was built in 6 months (XML experience>6 years).

Talking just for myself here, i would say don’t use devtime on it. For those who need the extra FPS in places (like me), it litteraly takes 1 second to pull the fuse. It is litteraly a part of my startup.

yourself and myself are fine, however it’s in the dev’s interest to fix as I’m sure there are thousands of other folks not on these forums very confused as to why their shiny new Kodiak is melting their computers when other planes run just fine. gotta think of the children! :joy:

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Wile yes, on one side i agree. On the other side i am old school. If stuff does not work or works different/worse then the rest that means i try and fix it.
That means contacting a dev or a forum like this or reddit.

Though i gues a thing that could work is if SWS could make it so that the plane always spawns with the fuse pulled, and make a note in the documentation?
But then you may get posts like “omg this plane sucks, the little thingy does not work!!1!!one!!!”

And to be fair. Even with it enabled, the Kodiak is roughly on par with the FBW a320 at least here on a relatively modest 1060

Even turning off the mfd inset display helps a little bit.