Stars in Living World menu

Hi everybody,
just to share an experience:
we all know msfs can lead to some troubles while starting the game. I had a lot of CTD in the past months, and tonight I made some tests, changing settings and so on.
I noticed that I have troubles with GPU 3D at main menu. It was almost at 100 percent, now it’s at 60%, so I got an improvement.

BUT what I noticed after impressed me. I had troubles opening the World Map to start a flight (CTD).
GPU was always at 98/100%. SO I thought, there must be something in this page that is graphic’s consuming. I started deselecting all in the filters. With all off, I’m still running at around 100%.

Then I started changing the time of the day. And there I found out on task manager GPU’s 3D graphic that while I was changing the timing (I mean: keeping mouse pressed on the selector and while moving it) the load was decreasing to 40%, then , releasing the time selector, it was back to 100%.
Is it possible that stars position’s calculations in the sky aroung the globe are so much GPU consuming? Changing time - stars move accordingly - good GPU. Releasing - position recalculated and kept - gpu to 100%.

Sorry for the long story, just to give the complete picture…
For info, I’m running AMD Ryzen 5 3600, 32Gb RAM, GeForce RTX2070 Super.

Next step would be to have the chance to disable this effect, but I know it’s not possible.
But if that’s the issue, how’s possible that such a detail can lead to CTD so many times keeping a GPU at max usage?

Thanks for reading

Lock you frame rate to 30/60 in your GPU driver as an effective workaround.

Regarding the sky, I believe this is a simple image, not a point map of constellations.

By holding down the slider you’re probably interrupting whatever the GPU is doing.

I agree though, this high GPU when you’re not even flying yet is very annoying. And if it’s really necessary (due to the vague graphics in the background), I’d like to see an option to turn that all off and have a more static menu system, without the toaster oven.

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