Start flight at the gate without going through the full cold and dark setup

Is there a way to begin a flight at the gate without going through the full cold and dark setup. I would like to be at the push back stage and just have to start engines etc

You mean besides CTRL-E ? I use that sometimes when I’m in a hurry and it does pretty much what I need to get moving. Hope that helps.

I would like to start at the gate but not need to go through all the cold and dark checks or be at the gate with the plan already running ready to push back with engines running or ready to start. I fly mainly A320

I think currently it‘s not possible to start up and running without being on the runway. I don‘t know what the FBW airbus allows but I think the default version supported Ctrl-E. This hotkey starts the engines for you and brings the airplane to a „fly now“ state, all you need to do is drop the flaps.

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Some of the higher quality add-ons(Aersoft CRJ, PMDG DC-6, as examples) allow you to set up the default state. You can have cold&dark, APU/electrical on-engines off, or everything all running. You select this via the tablet.

Default aircraft in the sim have to use the Crtl-E to get going instantly.

Yup but that‘s custom code, it doesn‘t work with sim features as you can‘t load a flight and then change the airport for example.