Start FS2020 without update download?

Hello everyone,

is it possible to start FS2020 without an update, or to load the update later ?

The reason for the question: If you have found time to fly and then an update of 10GB or more is pending, it takes hours (DSL 50MB/s) until you can finally fly.

It would be nice if you could postpone or interrupt the update. Then you could download the update in the flight-free time. :slight_smile:

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I saw once on the forums but sorry i need to look again, or search, that there is a way to start in sort of an offline mode, but as far as playing and downloading the update at the same time, i do not think that is possible, because for some strange reason the background game download basically uses all ur GPU and CPU, i was trying to play some other games the other day while downloading the update and I had horrible fps due to the fact that the sim uses so much while downloading/unpacking…

I have the same Problem. Got the Deluxe Premium Version yesterday. First it took 2 hours to install all 10 Discs and now this. It wants to download 53 GB and i cant deny the Update. Its now installing for 6 Hours and only at 21 GB. Its even falling back 2 GBs from time to time. My patience is at 0. I know i have bad internet with a speed of 14 mb/s but 6 HOURS?

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