Start Situation


what do you all others think about defining a Start Situation ?

That means that we save a Situation, lets say at your Home Base Airport at a Gate of your choice.
Then define this saved Situation as default.
Then after start the Sim you end up directly with this saved Situation without having every Time to go thru the Menus and select a Airport and maybe also a Gate.

I ask because i sit in a Homecockpit and dont like all the Time selecting the start Airport and the Gate.
Mostly i dont like using the Mouse or Keyboard.

What dou you all thinking about that?
Maybe if we get enough Votes it will be implemented, that would be really great !



I would like to see this; being able to set a default airport and gate for flight planning. Gets my vote.


This would be a good option. I fly worldwide and dont have a home airport but for me this would be very useful for testing planes and their mods.

Right now my test airport is KTTS - the runway where they used to land the Space Shuttle. Its super long and ideal for testing. If I could have this load up by default it would be very nice.

The menu system in this game unfortunately is a slow unresponsive clunky affair that they really need tighten up and streamline.

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Lorby´s WAMA tool was doing something like that in the past: you could have your “saved hangar” including the coordinates where you last parked any of your aircraft. Then you just click on your planes in a list and it will be injected into game at the same exact position you left it last time and camera was teleported there too. The tool is being updated for MSFS.


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i will have a look on it.
But i prefer a Solution directly from MSFS


Ps.: i had a short look on the Website.
It is payware and a much too high Price also the other products seems very overpriced.
This WAMA is not really the Solution i look for at all.

I would like to see that. Also a setting which removes all the stuff on the world map that you don’t want to see. Eg. POI’s without having to keep using the filter.

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There is a similar wish on this:

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Once you’ve setup and flown something, you can also go into the logbook and click on that entry, and it gives you the option to “fly again”. Won’t default to that flight like you want, but at least don’t have to go through all the other menus. Pretty quick start on a flight.

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