Start up time much longer since update

Is it just me or is anyone else experiencing much longer start up times loading into FS2020?

For me the “checking for updates” hangs for about 5 mins before starting where before it only took 30 secs. Also the actually loading screen after that takes around 3-5 mins. Before the update this only took about 1 min.

I haven’t done anything to my PC either.

I had that issue when my internet speed was low. When it was fixed only took about 20 seconds. Use and make sure your speed is what it should be

On occasion ‘checking for updates’ takes quite a bit of time. I wish they would scrap that. They only update once a month… must be a smarter way.

But yes, it’s probably internet / server related.

I did read somewhere they moved some stuff around that needs to be compiled on the spot? That’s I think why after clicking ‘Fly’ it sometimes takes ages now. Some optimization of that whole startup process couldn’t hurt. It’s annoyingly slow all.

Yep, same for me and at the exact same place as well. Some of the screens don’t seem to switch over properly and appear transparent.

Considering that that patch was supposed to be liveries only, it made a few changes to performance for me as well (and not for the better).

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