Started approach decent and picked up a passenger?

Uh I adjusted VS for approach decent and all of a sudden this thing appeared on my plane… I didnt affect my aero and dissipated

after about 10 or 15 seconds .


Doesn’t look like a passenger though. More like a coffin.

Sorry for the reply, I am sitting in the office and I’m bored… :slightly_smiling_face:

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No worries…its 12:54 AM here in California … What time of day is it where u are…? lol


I think that this train (sim) is going to hell deeper and deeper…


UFO easter egg?

If that is the person I think it is…GET BACK TO WORK!

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Commonly known as a dead leg…

10.26 here, you would probably add AM, we don’t do that here :wink: :blush:

could be a SIGINT sensor barimages

Yah that it its a cessna spy plane., u caught me,haha

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That was my second guess