Starting to get fed up with this!

Sorry folks, bit of a vent and I’ve bombarded Zendesk with a multitude of emails about issues. I’m an absolute fan of the sim , been flying them since the original Flight Sim and also the real thing at CPL , but it seems like every update is bringing problems and not resolving a lot apart from the Marketplace (I wonder why?) …
I know its still a relatively new release, and of course, there are bugs - but just take a look through the forums, there are hundreds of problems - and some of them are the very basic stuff … twice today the sim has frozen on me during descent in the TBM - the real weather is still way off in places and only loads for the first flight. Autopilots have bizarre logic and the performance of the jets is similar to the Space X … and as for the night lighting …
I think a lot of people are being patient here, and I know that there are going to be some that defend the developers and process,but at the end of the day we have all parted with quite a lot of money - and it would be nice to have a product that was stable and polished.
Again, sorry for the rant … I (we) live in hope.


Time to move on then – cut your losses, and find something that gives you some enjoyment , to pass your time.

Life is too short to sweat the little things … and in the big picture of life, even $120 worth of 100GB flight sim software, is still a very “little thing”


I understand the frustration. However, there are many many users who don’t have these issues. We all agree that the autopilot in general and the airliners performance needs improvement. But other than that the sim works beautifully on my system, the FBW A320 works very well. From a logical point of view it must be rather a user or user system problem then a sim problem. The sim is very complex and requires a clean, higher performance system. Otherwise every small glitch results in a CTD.


Yup. Life’s too short. Listen to the monkey with the yellow See-gar.

(Check back again in a few months when more of the kinks are worked out.)


Yeah my live weather only loads on the first load too. I feel like I’ve tried everything to find the cause of it (even reinstalling) but no luck. While its not a deal breaker, its quite annoying having to close completely out of the game just to reload (takes and extra 5 mins) to just have live weather for one flight. Here’s hoping this (among other things) are fixed.

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I agree that it may be time for some to “move on” to other sims but they should not have to cut their losses ,they should have their requests for a refund honoured. If this was any other product I am sure that the Australian ACCC would be involved. I agree that $120 worth of 100GB software might be a little thing IF the software actually worked as advertised which in 000’s of cases it does not.

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Thanks, guys, I think the view of ‘cut your losses and move on’ is maybe a bit problematic though - we have to remember that this is a product that we have bought, and for some of us $100 or £100 is a lot of money. Would the same apply to other purchases? If you bought a car , picked it up from the dealership, and then found out that it was full of faults … cut your losses? or make a legitimate complaint about the not being fit for purpose? or maybe at a ‘cheaper’ pricepoint … buying some food and finding out that its past its sell-by date … oh well, they had my money … Now FS2020 is forecast to sell 2.27 million copies , so generating $227 Million, I don’t think its too much for a customer to ask , I along with a lot of other people just want a properly working product.


Agreed, the problem there is that the FBW A320 is a 3rd party aircraft, even they have taken the MS original software and had to tweak it into something that works reasonably well. The fact is that the issues on here have gained thousands of votes - that would suggest that there are some considerable problems yet to address. The main areas of simulation - Aircraft performance and dynamics, weather functionality, autopilots, scenery errors, UI problems … all of these areas have significant issues as per the posts and votes. MS must have known about these problems after all the Alpha and Beta testing , but chose not to mention it … just a release and take the money.


Some may still be in the window to dispute the charges with their credit card issuer. Very clear ordering goods or services and receiving a product that was not as advertised. Thats a main reason why disputing charges on your credit card is even a thing to begin with.


But yet you spend many times that on a Gaming computer, a monitor, joystick, and a internet connection., and a LOT of time messing with MSFS and playing other games ?

Assuming you cannot get your money back, you have MSFS – and in a few months it will be better, and in a year it will be MUCH better.

You get FREE updates, new Free Content,and get to come on this forum and express your feelings (within the CoC).

It’s really not that bad … If it is, and it is costing you more than you are prepared to spend on “entertainment”, then maybe in future you will think twice before just clicking on the BUY buttons without considering the consequences.

That in itself, is a lesson well worth $100

Welcome to the REAL World …


As much as I complain about the game, I can’t complain about the price! I paid exactly ZERO dollars. Have been subscribed to Ultimate Game Pass for most of the year and even before MSFS I got my moneys worth and now with them adding Bethesda and partnered with EA and their game pass it really is a ■■■■ good deal. There are a lot of things Microsoft is doing right, just not this game ATM. It will get there though.

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What I see on my 4k TV is so stunning, I never thought this could be possible in a flight sim. The good planes will follow.


Very true! Just like someone says that their plane can’t even make a 90’ turn during taxi.:rofl::crazy_face:

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For the price(around 155€)the game not very good!Patience

I guess the frustration of some users is about the gap between expectations and reality.

The product was announced to contain loads of features. Little details were published before release so expectations with regards to the quality of these features ran wild.
In addition, this very complex piece of software was expected to run flawlessly on release, which it did not.
Now customers are expecting the developer to fix instabilities and to tweak features so they meet their expectaions plus add more features they had expected in the first place - and to make all this come true in no time…

You may have a look at a similar product, e.g. X-Plane. First published in 1995 it has been under constant development since then, providing updates and new features several times a year. Looking into the forums you will find customers still complaining about bugs and wanted features - even after 25 years! Of course X-Plane is a much more mature product today than FS2020 but customers still are not satisfied.

I think it is realistic to give FS2020 a time of 2 or 3 years (at least) before most users will be happy with it. Until then X-Plane will be my every day flight sim and FS2020 will be tested once in a while for improved and better features.


I think the majority of users are not having crashes so that may be something with your system. I would try reinstalling the game and your drivers and check for anything running like virus checkers.

I bought the game on release day and have had zero crashes after maybe 100 hours of flying so its possible and not necessarily caused by the game itself.

As for the weather and autopilot, yes there are bugs there. If everyone was allowed to claim refunds if the game has a bug then there would be no games market and certainly no big budget releases like msfs.


Couldn´t agree more.

I think it is (maybe) a matter of age and perspective. Those of us who knew FS98 or previous versions running at 8 fps with top-of-the-line systems, just can´t understand people being sooo mad and frustrated about FS2020 because it “only” gets 30 fps, their house is not shown anymore from 39000 feet, and that third layer of volumetric clouds 100 miles away now looks a bit grainy (I´m not refering to the OP).

If someone had told me 22 years ago that we would have this visuals, I simply would have not believed it. In fact, I´ve shown to my friends screen captures from FS2020 in my mobile phone, and they thought I was kidding them, and it was an actual photo.

Of course, I know visuals are not everything, and I have had my own fair share of frustration and disapointment with the product (right now, I´m really ■■■■■■ off with ATC insisting in me taking off with 35 kt tailwind, descent 20000 ft in 15 miles, or land in a runway never used to land in real life, and not accepting my requests to use a different one).

Even if a lot of problems stil persist, I´ve seen a massive improvement since August, and I´m sure we will get there with time. For me, the product is impressive enough in some areas to hang on and wait until the problems are fixed.

It won´t be tomorrow, sure, but I try to focus on the bright side.


I don’t think it a either fair nor reasonable to say there are people that don’t have problems so therefore its your own fault. There are lots of people with all sorts of problems with this relatively expensive software so you could also say that. Making generalizations based on the echo chamber of which echo chamber you sit in ( good or bad experience echo chamber) is very unhelpful.

I have been simming for 25 years and spent lots of money and good fast reliable hardware and I have still had issues including a week where it would not even load without a CTD and no response from the Zendesk. In the end it was a Nvidea driver I had to roll back and I got help from reddit and not here because so many people like your comment just listen to their own echo chamber .

I just installed the latest version of p3d v5.1 and it just worked first time and probably because Lockheed actually properly test their software before release and furthermore they are serving just one master the PC not a X Box master as well which I suspect cuases and will continue to cause issues with this software for PC users.

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I don’t think it is relevant to compare software released 25 years or more ago and how far they have come as this is 2020 and technology has progressed well beyond what was going on back then . back then what was released was probably more ground breaking than this title which is really not much more than what we have with X Plane 11.50 or P3d V5.1 in some areas , and still not as good in some areas and really other than the visuals MSFS is not better than any of them in anything else.

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I’m just glad that most other things I purchase don’t follow this same paradigm. Otherwise we basically would just have nothing but hopes and no real tangible items that actually work if that were the case.