Starting to see a lot of computer generated scenery mainly in deserts

i thought the Microsoft flight sim had complete photo scenery but it seems i am starting to see a lot of computer generated scenery mainly in deserts of usa and other places …so is there complete world photo scenery google map or not ??? what percentage of real scenery is in the sim??? i have downloaded 6 terabytes of ortho scenery for xplane 11 and the grand canyon looks a lot more real than MSFS …but of course los angeles city looks better in msfs than xplane pilot please give input

forgot to say my internet is running 200 megabytes and internet was working fine when i saw the computer generated scenery

Have to be careful about terminology;

-Photogrammetry are areas where planes equipped with special equipment have 3D mapped and photographed areas (mostly cities) to get an accurate real world representation of the area. Only a couple of specific areas are created this way.

-The rest of the world is generated by AI (by Blackshark AI) analyzing satellite imagery through the Azure cloud service. It detects buildings / trees, and attempts to place reasonably accurate representation of these objects in the world (99.9% of the world is generated like this).
The results of course depend on the quality of the available satellite imagery. So if you’re flying in an area where satellite imagery is of lower quality, or there is no imagery without cloud cover available, the result will be less convicing.

If there was no data, or you’re flying ‘off-line’, the sim will default back to ‘autogen’ (FS-X) world generation, which is the worst of the three. This normally shouldn’t happen though.
Keep in mind though, that when the sim lost connectivity at some point (at alerted you to this by saying it reverted to offline mode), you’ll have to re-enable Bing imagery / Photogrammetry from your data settings again.

makes sense when downloading photo scenery for Xplane there were a lot of spaces where they had clouds or just bad satellite photos so i would see where msfs2020 would not use it

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Yeah there were quite a few places that had bad imagery for Orthos. Seemed like all of the sources had one problem or another. Orbx certainly cleaned up the Pacific Northwest- I wonder if there will be a market in MSFS for similar stuff?