Starting up

In that price range I chose the Thrustmaster TCA Sidestick edition. It is quite precise and is comfortable.

As for training, check out the flying lessons:

There’s material for every lesson and you can tune in the twitch videos to follow along.
You’ll learn a lot of the basics if you’re really interested.

Do what you like, but better start from the bottom with some small light aircraft before jumping into the jets.

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It is really really REALLY addictive, you will love it :yum: folks that have the VR version post their Youtube videos, make money and never leave their plane except twice a day to take some food pills and drink water :rofl:


First things first. If you’ve never flown a sim, take the lessons and get the basics down. Then you can graduate to the more complex stuff. Get some time in the C172, then maybe the DA40. After that, you’ve got twin engine planes and turboprops like the TBM and Caravan. You can even work up to the big jets if that’s what you’re interested in doing, but I don’t suggest just jumping into the deep end right off. Learn the basics and keep building from there. Once you get to where you want to be with your skills, the world is your playground.

Want to take the TBM around the world? It has the range to make the hops across from Newfoundland to Iceland and on to Europe. Personally, I like to imagine myself as an air taxi owner-operator making shuttle runs like Key West to Cancun or island hopping around Hawaii or the Bahamas and Caribbean areas. You can also take one of the bush planes and explore all the small countryside airstrips. There are even some military aircraft addons available and more in the works, so that’s also an option.

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