State of Aerosoft CRJ

Maybe try a complete removal/reinstall of CRJ.
I haven’t downloaded it yet, but the update is showing up in Aerosoft One now at least.

Can anyone confirm the massive problems with the ATC? I have already tested CRJ 550 & 900. This is how the aircraft ends up in the drawer - how is it possible to screw up an update like this :frowning:

I’ll test it tonight, stay tuned.

We’ve had this same exact issue with the Maddog at initial release. It was quickly fixed.
I hope Aerosoft makes this dud of an update a priority and releases a hotfix.

Just doing my first flight after the update and having the same issue with the ATC. Let’s head to their forum.

Man. Bad update, bad updater…Aerosoft strikes again! Glad I noticed the issues trying to install the update for the bundle (my spider senses told me not to continue when the update was showing in their updater, but the update button was greyed out).
Not wholly confident Aerosoft will update the ATC issues in a timely manner.

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Won’t be able to load up the CRJ for a few days due to time constraints, and the fact that the update has yet to be pushed to Contrail. Anyone got a screenshot of the new terrain radar? I’m curious as to how it looks.

ATC works wonderfully if you know the correct settings on the radio panel :slight_smile: - was just a bad communication from Aerosoft, that’s how I would classify it.
Olaf B. has posted a picture in the Aerosoft forum where you can see the correct settings.
1 - VHF - 2 must be pressed in and the knob below must be set to “INT SVC”. Then ATC works :wink:


It is more than a bad communication from Aerosoft. I have seen this Olaf’s picture on their forum and to be honest, I don’t care anymore, the CRJ stays in my hangar. There must be a lot of people confused and I am waiting for a patch where they fix this for the cold&dark panel state. I have many different interesting planes to fly.

But there will also be people like me who are still interested. I was happy when I heard the ATC normally again :wink:
it was only well meant to post it here again :sunglasses:


Don’t know if it has been mentioned, but the dual comms for vPilot are now also properly functional with the update. Switching the knob changes the TX source, and pressing the VHF 1 & 2 knobs toggles that RX source as well.
Love that that one works as well now for the Vatsim pilots!

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I´ve also run into this error, and your advice helped me a lot. I can hear ATC but I can´t hear my “own” voice communicating with ATC. I crosschecked with the post at Aerosofts forum, but I can´t find a solution. AI Auto Communication is turned on.
And my copilots answers are also not visible in ATC window.

Great to hear that they improved this.
I love it that you need to press the right buttons for things to work.Although I know that it can be frustrating if things don‘t work as intended and you have no idea why.

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But somewhere there is still something wrong. Yesterday, for example, ATC worked normally from take-off until shortly before the destination airport. On approach, I suddenly could no longer hear or read the instructions. Since I had handed over the ATC to the AI, I could at least hear the answers from my co-pilot :slight_smile: - you know what I mean… But this was also partly the case before the update…

There is still a playback issue regarding the ATC. Aerosoft said there are working on it. On there own forum they have a pinned topic with the known issues.

The latest Patch has improved this plane no end. I dont usually have much good to say about Aerosoft of late, but well done it seems to have fixed the Zig Zagging and hunting for the path, the ILS issues seem better, and the speed is less twitchy.

Well done Aerosoft, the CRJ is now really good.

I dont use the Default ATC so not worried about the ATC issue.

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Do you know how to display Radar Terrain.
I press the TER button left and right side and it displays TERRAIN on the ND. But no terrain on display during all flight LFPO-LFBO.
Do I miss something or doing right ?

Thanks !
Happy Flying✈️

The terrain display does not simulate PEAKS mode, so you will only see it when the aircraft altitude is within approx 2000 feet of the terrain. It will appear before takeoff, but disappears in climb once the aircraft is 2000 feet or more above the highest terrain. The same holds true in descent. If the terrain around an airport is relatively flat, there may be no display.

To test it, spawn at KLAX and turn north after takeoff towards the 10,000+ San Gabriel mountain range that rings the LA basin. You’ll definitely see the terrain display until the aircraft climbs above about 12,000 feet MSL.

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That’s an MSFS problem as it happens in other planes as well. Seems to always happen when you have the AI handling ATC and on a channel switch the ATC is already talking, where as the AI wants to report in right away after switching the channel. From that point on you won’t see or hear ATC anymore.

That’s why I don’t turn over ATC to the AI til takeoff as ground is usually busy with a lot of AI planes at an airport. Flying into a busy airspace on approach is where I’ll always encounter it as I’m busy flying the airplane and being there’s a lot of AI airplanes and a lot of channel switching by the AI co-pilot for the approach happening, it increases the odds of ATC already talking to other traffic on one of those channel switches.

Is the CRJ a good “next step” to learning jets when coming from the WT CJ4? I’ve been getting real comfortable with the CJ4 and an looking to progress my experience in jets. The CJ4 had taught me a lot about the FMS so I feel what I learned there will transfer.

If the CRJ is not the most logically, higher fidelity aircraft, what would you recommend?