State of VR

Hi peeps,

I’m curious to what the state of VR is, and what the plan for it’s further development entails exactly.

My understanding is that it will be added for the HP reverb G2 first, later to be followed by the rest of the VR headsets. To me that sounds like a terrible move, and I really hope that all VR headsets will be supported at the same time. I’m not sure who thought it’d be a good idea to just support 1 system first, and have the others wait for who knows how long, but that needs to be reconsidered.

I wonder why VR wasn’t included from the get go anyway. Here we have the most obvious title for VR ever made, and somehow nobody thought of including it right away? What’s wrong with Asobo?

I hope we can look forward to an amazing implementation!

Feel free to post any news or whjatever you’d like to contribute here.

Really uncalled for goose… It is a legit issue that should have not been overlooked on release date.

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I think the reason is because they have a partnership with the hp reverb i believe.

I do wonder if they waited because they didn’t think the majority of users would have a pc capable of running this sim in vr to an acceptable quality.
May be frustrating but surely it’s better to do something properly than rush it out.
Maybe they was waiting for the new GPU’s to release.

Lets be fair most didn’t expect the sim to even be out yet.

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VR releases, especially for something of this magnitude, are not very easy. With the G2 being WMR and a next gen HMD, it’s not at all surprising that they’d find it easiest to support that first, then move on to the Index, Vive, Rift S, etc.

They’re waiting because it’s a massive undertaking that would have delayed release, which Microsoft clearly did not want considering the release-day bugs.

Fellas, please keep in mind that these things really do take time. Asobo’s approaching (if not already in) unprecedented territory in terms of project size. Even for devs who are in normal/precedented territory, adding extra features can take a good bit of time. Asobo probably did want to get it out right away, but that’s simply not always possible. They said it’ll be released late 2020 - so let’s give them time and let them do their job before picking up the pitchforks.

It’s not a matter of mistakes and overlooking, it’s a matter of feasibility, task size, and deadlines.

Here’s a discussion post on Steam about The Talos Principle being converted to VR. Of course, some of the things the dev (AlenL) talks about aren’t applicable here (sales, DLC, stuff like that - since it will be a free update in MSFS) but check out paragraphs 2-5.

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Whilst I’d love to be able to play this sim in VR I get the impression your are going to need some serious fire power to get it running smoothly.
At the moment many people are struggling to get much over 40fps in 4K with a Top CPU and 2080 ti GFX card.

The HP headset seems to be about 4K res for each screen so you are going to need about twice the grunt of a 2080ti just to get 40fps.
Sounds to me like the 3090 is going to be the only card capable of running VR (or whatever AMD’s equivalent might be)

If that’s the case I can’t see many people being able to afford a top end PC with a 3090 it’s going to be at least £3500, plus another £600 for the VR headset. It’s going to be a fairly small target audience for a lot of development time.

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It wasn’t ‘overlooked’. It’s not like someone forgot to add VR for launch. I think it’s hard for non-developers to appreciate the decisions that need to be taken about features to prioritise. Every feature requires work and time and any feature that is implemented pushes out others. Given the limited market for VR compared to non-VR it makes 100% sense to de-prioritise that in comparison to a vast host of more important features first.


To me the strange thing is that VR wasn’t mentioned at all when Asobo first announced they were working on a new flightsim. There were all these fantastic trailers and clips and articles and whatnot, and everyone was over the moon with what looks like an incredible new sim.

But, like I said, it was like they were surprised by the fact that people wanted VR. They were overwhelmed by all the people asking for it, and only then started talking about including VR. I think we have people like Belgeode to thank for this, since they didn’t miss an opportunity to remind Asobo that VR is a thing!

VR CAN be big. Asobo could’ve ridden along on the wave of excitement that Halflife Alyx brought along. It’s estimated that somewhere between 500,000 and 680,000 copies of Alyx have been sold. I can only imagine what would’ve happened had MSFS been marketed as a proper VR title from the start.

Anyway… at least we’ll get it eventually. And while performace is a bit of a thing, they should be able to iron out most of the stutters and provide a smooth experience for VR. Maybe they’ll need to migrate to Vulkan first though :wink:

I find it peculiar as well especially given Asobo were presented by Microsoft when they initially announced FS2020 as being the company behind their hololens demos and such…

Laminar Research is publishing its stats and VR has been used by nearly 6% of their user base lately:

This is not insignificant and this can only grow as the video card hardware and headsets are greatly improving (30xxx + Reverb G2)

Probably the ones who are cashing in the exclusivity agreement money ?

Does the Rift S use OpenXR or something else? New to how software and hardware work in VR

if it can run in 4k on your pc, it easily can run in vr…

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Except the VR headset they are supporting first, (the HP one) is 4K per eye.

Seems to me the only GPU that we currently know of that might handle that is the 3090.

I doubt the 3080 as released with only 10GB of Vram is going to be able to handle 4K at max settings on a monitor let alone the 4K x 2 needed for VR.

It is rather 2160x2160x2

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Well yes 2160 x 2160 is roughly 4K per eye.

Let’s do some math. 4K resolution is 3840 x 2160 = 8,294,400 pixels. The HP Reverb G2 has 2160 x 2160 per eye. 2160 x 2160 x 2 = 9,331,200. That’s 12.5% more pixels than 4K. I think the RTX 3080 can handle that.

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They talked about it in 2019 and said they want to do it right, or not at all. Given all of the current issues with the sim, I imagine how VR would complicate it even further. I’d rather the sim be stable before even consider adding VR. Stability is key.

That said, I am 100% on board for VR, and have a 10900k + 3090 build in-progress at Maingear for that exact reason.


…at 90FPS? :wink:
(90FPS for a Rift, 80FPS for a Rift S)

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That’s not exactly how it works with VR - minimum requirement for the G2 to run at full resolution is the 1080. Additionally, it can run at half res with the 1060.

Now, that being said, it is a reasonable expectation that MSFS VR will be a bit beefy - but that definitely doesn’t mean that it’ll require a 3090 to run.