Static aircraft into airports back to basic?

after SU5 updatd now I see the “old” planes parked with no liveries, etc…: any way to fix this?

Oh, man, there could be so many reasons for this to happen.
They did some fixing of AI traffic for SU5. AI Parking (for some unknown reason), is not wholly related to AI traffic but its own subsystem (Why??? fix this please and give us control over what planes we see parked at airports), so its behavior has likely changed in some regards, but likely unintentionally.

What planes to do you have installed? Do you have any purchased planes?

Did you change your “Use Generic Aircraft” setting in the options? The planes that show up are sort of related to this option. I say sort of because the “Use Generic Aircraft” is technically just for flying AI aircraft (according to the answer I got to a question I asked), but, it does seem to have some effect on AI Parking. With it on, it kind of follows the isAirTraffic and isUsersSelectable options in the aircraft.cfg file of each aircraft. WIth it off, these options are ignored by the software (why?), and any aircraft is up for grabs for AI Flying and AI Parking (so you end up with 11 Bleriot XI’s parked at your airfield, and barely any of the planes you actually expect). Supposedly, if isUserSelectable is true, it ignores the isAirTraffic option, but, this is for liveries. I have a feeling here we have a classic case of initialized variable consequences for AI Parking for these options, as I haven’t really seen a consistent behavior here for AI Parking. Maybe that’s because they actually have no effect on AI Parking? But it seems it does a little bit.

Do you have AI Traffic on or off? Are you using Live Traffic?

Have you installed liveries? Have you gone through and curated the isAirTraffic and isUserSelectable options? Community and professional developers are awful at setting these variables, and the atc_parking_types is even worse, where they’ll put “ANY” for a Piper Cub type plane and they show up at airline gates.

This is another reason I hate buying planes at the Marketplace. Developers are awful at properly setting all the variables in the aircraft.cfg files, so I like to go through and fix them to keep my system consistent, and you can’t do that with encrypted aircraft.cfg files. I have made edits to every single plane I’ve purchased in an attempt to have a consistent system.

And there are other things that control this.

Based on your question and the information that you’ve given us, nobody could answer your question.

The AI Parking feature is mostly undocumented and very poorly implemented as far as I can tell. I don’t know that I blame them, per se, as they probably just went with the FSX code here and moved on, and likely didn’t put much thought into studying how it works or looked at the results beyond a couple of glances “Yep, there’s planes there. That’s fine”. So, there’s no simple answer to an extremely vague question.

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