Statistics don't make sense

Basically most of my statistics seem to be very wrong. I have 10 flight hours yet it says I’ve only flown for 254km.
Also the “airports landed at” is very wrong, the format is also weird (there is a decimal point which doesn’t make sense in this category).


That entire system is completely broken. Send it to zendesk and maybe enough people can get them to either fix or replace it.

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First time I’ve looked at that page in the month that I’ve been playing MSFS. Apparently I only managed to fly 21KM in the 35 hours of flight time I have… :sweat_smile:

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Yeah, I have a bunch of achievements unlocked that I know I’ll didn’t do. Like it thinks I’ve taxied 100 km or miles or something. :laughing: it also thinks I’ve landed dead stick for some reason.

I got awards for 500 miles taxied or something? Not possible. Also 50 hours in rain, again not possible haha have probably flown 1 hour in rain.

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