Status of refactoring AI?

Asking this question here as on today’s Q&A, Martial conveniently dodged the question on a topic that had a pretty significant amount of votes prior to going into today’s session. The only thing that was addressed was some vectoring changes around ATC.

While I understand there may have not been much progress, what should we expect here? End of year? 2023? Not a fan how we’re dancing around the subject and nothing concrete is being said.


While we’re on the subject, below is the link to the current state of AI Traffic by AIG, updated today.


+1, I really want to hear about this important topic. It’s critical to the long-term future of the sim.


might be something that can be answered by the DevTeam in the follow up of todays Q&A, there was a highly voted topic about his here:

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This is so important for simmers who fly offline (my guess more that 50%). Please Asobo.

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Yes, the sim has come so far but AI and ATC remain the two most glaring weaknesses IMHO. Would love to hear some confirmation both are being worked on.

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it has been confirmed that they work on it, we sadly have not much more information at the current state. We know what is broken, I know that the list I send Jörg some time ago is still much the same (actual getting longer with each update…)
So it is up to them now to put the resourcen on the task. But rewriting this system is a very big task.


I very much appreciate the efforts that AIG has put into giving us AI traffic, I dream about what AIG could do if the core sim AI Issues were fixed.

I have been experiencing a weird bug where ai aircraft are spinning constantly on the apron. Really bizarre. My friends have had the same issue since su 8.

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We heard about it early in the year, but it’s been crickets ever since. Any idea how much longer do we have to look at spinning aircraft at busy airports lined up for departure?

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I couldn’t agree more. The current state of AI is really one of the worst immersion killers for me. I bet all those who don’t want to join online flying communities for whatever reason will also agree.

I remember in FSX flying into a busy airport and seeing 100 stands occupied with numerous airlines, according to real-world flight schedules, and seeing them take off and land reasonably well! How can that 15 year old software code be so hard to do…

You’ll say, priorities. Agreed. More and more appreciation for that ACES team, those guys did wonders back then.


I’m sure they’ll rewrite it eventually, but it would be nice if they even said. Hey, we got this and we are hard at work on it but nah, dead quiet. They’re fixing everything and anything in this simulator, but the biggest elephant in the room, aka AI and ATC.