Status on collaboration with WT, FBW, etc

In the dev updates prior to world update 3, there have been several teasers about some news concerning collaboration with WT, FBW, etc:

We continue to have a great time engaging with Working Title and are also in contact with Fly By Wire, Saltys, and a few others. We hope to share some good news on all this soon!

Has there been any word on this since then? Have I missed something?

Jörg said he would announce more in the next Q&A. Until then there is no point in saying the same thing over and over again in a development update I think.

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Thank you! I was hoping this but missed this bit of information.

There are some hints already, like this one:

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I don’t understand/see the hint lol. What is it? What does it got to do with FBW, WT etc?

Well, FBW, WT etc. are also third parties that hopefully will be treated the same. It’s one example where Asobo improves the collaboration, nothing more.

Was it not that they would be on the marketplace?

Or beyond that?

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