Stays on splash screen

Tried starting the sim today and it just stays on the splash screen with the spin loading icon just turning the sim just wont go no further any ideas please

Hi everybody just cleared my community folder all working now… what is the point of the community folder when nothing works when you put something init

‘Nothing’ works when you put ‘something’ into the community folder is a tad too little info for troubleshooting…


Hope you have a backup ! Just curious… what did you last install as freeware ?

It’s working now I deleted what I had in the community folder and it worked. I hadn’t installed anything new in the community folder for ages but the sim wouldn’t start up.

The last thing I installed about a month ago was flyby wire A320 mod

Have you checked if this the latest A320 mod?

Going to have a look tomorrow give it try I like it its really good. Thanks everyone who replied to my post

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