Steam. Confused!

I am about to purchase MSFS 2020 but is confused by “STEAM”. I was going to purchase the download version from BestBuy and install it onto my PC. Isn’t it how it work just most of the software like Turbotax? Where is Steam from into play?

Steam is an online game store that has cloud servers.

If you buy the game from Steam, you’re given digital access to download the game directly from their servers; no disk no nonsense. The game is directly installed into your computer, and can be launched immediately.

As it stands, you can get MSFS from one of 3 sources:

  • XBox Store (online)
  • CD (physical disc, to install on your computer)
  • Steam (online)

I personally have the game via Steam, and it’s a very streamlined installation procedure. I have had no instability issues since day 1.

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This one:

If so, nothing to do with Steam. You will activate and download through Microsoft Store.

Also, it says the instructions will be sent to you by e-mail. As far as I know, they will send you a key to activate on the MS store, then you just have to download it. Pretty simple actually.

I don’t know why you want to buy through Best Buy, but wouldn’t be easier to buy directly from MS store?

Thanks for the info.

I’ve never bought anything from MS Store. Actually, when I installed Windows, I deactivate everything that I don’t normally use to get rid of the bloatware. I bought frequently from Bestbuy and found their service and return policy reliable. I figure I might as well let someone make some money out of Goliath Microsoft.

Lots of challenges with MS Store, so caveat emptor. Steam is about as straightforward a purchase and software management approach as you can get.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The MS Store is a dumpster fire. If you’re going to buy it online, stick with Steam. THey’ve been doing it the longest and have the best platform and best and easiest refund policies.

Don’t know why you’d want to buy from Best Buy, but it’s your money. Spend it as you wish.


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