Steam Flight Simulator ignores LOD from USERCfg.opt

Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?


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Brief description of the issue:

Flying around São Paulo (SBSP) area, I noticed that the draw distance is a bit poor, as shown in the printscreen… after a certain distance, one can see the blurry terrain - at closer ranges though, it seems astonishingly beautiful. So doing some research, I found out that the culprit should be the object LOD (I already tried btw cranking up the Terrain LOD all the way up to 400 and I don’t see perceivable changes). The idea would be to use the object LOD factor in the UserCFG.opt file to attain better settings than the maximum available via the sliders.

The procedure I do is:

with FS2020 closed, I change the Usercfg.opt file and save it

I put the opt file in read-only mode via properties

I start FS2020…
… only to know that nothing has changed! I even tried setting both terrain and object LODs to 9 in order to replicate the “slide show mode” some users got when applying such settings, but nothing really changes. Again, I’m using Steam’s MSFS. Any idea?

PC: Ryzen 7 5800X3D, RTX 4080, 32GB DDR4, m.2 2TB SSD

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Be sure to also change your preset value to “Custom” if you use Ultra or High ect it will override your userconfig edits


Also you do not have to set the file to read only if you do not alter any settings in sim after editing.

That works! Thanks! Another thing would be… draw distance… it is affected by which parameter specifically? It seems that by only changing o-lod I cannot make it draw houses and trees further… seems like I have to play with t-lod and o-lod altogether to get different draw distances… which is odd cause I thought t-lod altered only the quality of photogrammetry and autogen geometry that is already drawn (at least that’s what I observe when doing it on the fly, no pun intended).