Steam Gauge Overhaul - King Air and Caravan

Hello all,
I made the ingame BlackSquare Analog Caravan Checklist into a PDF file which can be printed out.
I like to have something physical to hold in my hands :slight_smile:

Here’s the link to the PDF file:
BlackSquare Analog Caravan Checklist.pdf


Wow, thanks. These are going off to an A4 laminator shortly. :slight_smile:

While I’m anxiously waiting for the King Air, I went ahead and picked up the Analog Caravan.

Wow, what a difference. The completeness and attention to detail is what the stock Caravan is lacking. You’ll need to fly by the numbers to avoid engine damage, just like IRL.

Yes, it’s a PIA to have to pay for the level of detail the stock plane should have had, but if you’re on the fence for spending the $, just do it, you won’t be disappointed. While maybe not “study level”, it’s close enough to make the stock Caravan look like an arcade game plane.

King Air is an immediate purchase for me.


I try to look at the plane prices while comparing them to other forms of entertainment, and sim aircraft always come out on top when I do that. I might spend that much on one trip to the cinema, and that’s only a few hours entertainment.


I’m anxiously waiting for the King Air release, but I may go for the Caravan while I wait. This mod looks fantastic. Is there any way to add passengers or a copilot? I’d feel like I’m driving an empty bus with all those empty seats.

I am a King Air Instructor and have well over 10,000 hours in various types of King Airs. As soon MS previewed the B350i I noted the system they were trying to model, the Rockwell-Collins Pro Line Fusion, was not correct. The Pro Line 21 is the older circa 2000 avionics system. (Yes it is that old.) I also noted the major lack of system fidelity and poor Flight Dynamics. There was a push to improve the PT6A turboprop engine modeling and propeller dynamics. It seems the devs have taken on the propeller dynamics based on feedback.

There is NO King Air 350i with steam gauges. Steam gauge is most likely a circa 1984 King Air 300 cockpit. Most circa 1990s 350s during this time were produced with at least 3 Rockwell-Collins 80 series EFIS in an EADI, EHSI, and MFD layout and steam gauges on the copilot’s side. (I flew a fleet of 1992 through 1996 5 tube 350 back in the day.) I know there is one photo floating around where the author claims a steam gauge 350, but from the cockpit, the 300 and 350 would be difficult to tell the difference. IMHO the cockpit looks like a 300, not a 350. However, as there have been over a thousand 350s produced so there may be a very rare circa 1990s 350 steam gauge out there someplace. (I also have time in 1970s and early 1980s 200 and B200s that were steam gauge. Thus I am familiar with the cockpit layout. The model 300s I flew were 5-tube EFIS 74s.)


Is there anybody getting a ctd on final aproach of any ils?

I was not far off. Best rate of climb speed is 104. I was doing 100 previously.

Just watched the introductory video for this aircraft. I didn’t understand that this software is a complete rework of the Asobo Caravan. The price now makes much more sense, and it looks to be - in fact - quite a bargain. You are getting an entirely “new” aircraft, and with a systems suite that is quite sophisticated. It looks very nicely done.


I highly recommend. I have been flying it a lot.


For me it was a new plane. Over the last two years I’ve spent hardly five minutes in the C208 - it felt so similar to all the other stock G1000 aircraft. Now it’s my go to plane. Highly recommended.


Thanks a lot, the testbutton works now. The next challenge is now the Inertial Seperator…couldn’t figure it out until now.

flew a bit with KNS-80 & KX-155B (so 0 fly tracker ) it s so satisfying reaching the targeted airfield while l was used so much to use the nxi g1000 and his approaches … l m definitly more satisfied with this mod than l was after the twin otter buy


Last two flights I had CTD on approach fase.

Caravan Analog 0.1.1
KAP 140 mod
JayDee mod
JayDee liveries

In my experience, it has nothing to do with the mods! This is Beta 10 latest version especially in Canada and USA I had some CTD`s when approaching bigger airports and that also with other aircraft like the Kodiak etc…


Thank you so much for the work you are doing on your mod. Greatly appreciated!

Hopefully, Asobo will be getting to this sooner, rather than later. Obviously, since it’s a core Sim function, it affects every Turboprop, not just the default Asobo aircraft.

Lots has been written/discussed about this, hopefully they will take action soon.

It does look nice, however too much for me also.

I agree. Nothing to do with mods. Im on SU9, flying Central America (SVMG). Just posting for information.

The cockpit mod is worth every penny just to see how the Caravan has been upgraded! I think the King Air is just as much work and if it is as good as the Caravan then the cockpit mod of the King Air is worth the money. Just think what ■■■■ we have already bought for more money :wink:


Strange, with SU9 I have not had a single CTD on approaches to various airports worldwide.
And I fly several hours a day…