Steam SU6 CTD w/ Internet (Server issue?)

since the SU5 still have the exact issue.

On Internet:
Start Sim → Waiting for it load as usual → go through checking for update page → shows the background photo with 3 flags (I forgot which lol) → blue bar reaches about 50% → CTD

I check event viewer, nothing is there.

Off Internet
Start sim → Loading as usual → the “want to play offline” popup comes → I click okay → sim loads as it should and works, I even tested a few of my mods and they work as well → I Connect to my internet → Sim crashes after connecting to a server

In the new update, safe mode is useless to me.

Followed These:

Did some other stuff some users suggested, Also the did usual US lang, no community folder, turn off non-microsoft apps yadda yadda

very reluctant on resetting windows / Reinstalling the sim again (already did this like 4 times) because some user stated that they still have issues after doing this

SO FAR I have been able to disconnect my internet then play the game offline and going to settings to turn online functionality off, only then I can connect back to my internet as usual but the moment I turn online functionality on again then the same CTD no error happens again.

I really Highly doubt this is a software/hardware issue per se (drivers updates, disable programs etc) but some sort of online/server error.

Hello @RishonA330,

did you try this suggestion already?:

Yep, still CTD :frowning:

Dude i have exacly the same since the update 5 !

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Yea I am having the same issue, it wont let me get in the main menu after I launch the sim after it checks for updates.

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