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I own the Microsoft Store version, but I’d like to buy the Steam version.
Reasons : I’m using nVidia Ansel, but everytime when I update the sim, all the nVidia Ansel settings are gone.
That’s not a big issue, actually, but, Ansel settings are pretty limited, compared with ReShade.
My question is : do I need to uninstall the Microsoft Store version, after I install the Steam version ?
Are there some advantages or disadvantages with the Steam version vs Store version ?
Any advices are welcome, thank you in advance

I own them both (Deluxe version) and run them both on the same computer (different drives). The biggest difference is the updates - the Steam version is much easier to update. It is straight forward and no going to the store/using the Xbox app. Other than that, no difference. If you use one version and switch to the other without reboot, Xbox will ask you to switch - easy to do and really no problem - just a surprise when switching.


Thank you.
Do you use ReShade, for the Steam version ??

Note: Marketplace purchases are not cross-platforms. Even if you own the game on both the Microsoft Store and Steam, you will only be able to access the additional content on the platform used to make the purchase, even if you use the same gamertag on both platforms.

I’m just so lucky to have the steam version and get rid of all the trouble of MS store version. Thank god!:crazy_face::rofl:

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I do not use any mods at all. I see lots of problems with them and I’ve had none - other than the store’s problems.

Reshade is not a mod, I think

I don’t use any programs which alter the computer or the sim.

You can use ReShade with the Steam version without any problems, that´s one of the reasons for me to switch over to the steam version. I own both of them, but I´m using only the Steam version at the moment. If you do not know how the find the exe. file, just ask !
Cheers !

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