STEAM Version

I have tried to start the game but something is not right. First it took 6 hours to download 90 GB and I tried to make a custom flight between two small airfields in Denmark but the game will not let me do that. Then I tried to enter my my first flying lesson but all the pictures were blurred so I could begin to learn.
then I tried to choose a bushtrip on Balkan but again the game let me hanging with the intro screen for at least 10 minutes then I quit. restarted the Program then they said there was an update on 5.5 GB but after 20 minutes and only 1.5 GB, I gave up one more time. If this continue I have wasted about 100 Euros.
I know my PC is not in the super highend but is fairly disant anyway. INTEL I5-9400 and 8 GB RAM and I think my GPU ( graficcard is 6 GB Ram ) Geforce 1660