SteamVR now has a World Scale option

Does anyone know if it can be applied to MSFS? The ability to scale the world is a much needed feature to get a proper visual experience. It works like a charm with SteamVR beta.


I think it can as long as you use SteamVR to control VR output, if you use Oculus (software not the headset) then no, it will have no effect.

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Thank you so much for posting this. I don’t always look at the beta branch like I should.

I’ve been using this today in MSFS with my Index, and it’s almost like a graphical upgrade for me! Works perfectly and makes a HUGE difference.

I set mine to 110% and it is perfect. Not only do the cockpits now scale correctly, but the real difference is that the ground & objects no longer look like miniatures. The sense of scale I’ve been missing is now there. I took a flight in the Top Rudder Solo 103 and I actually experienced some very cool vertigo! I’ve been waiting for the ability to fix the scale since day one.

Disclaimer: I only fly GA planes. I’ve read some people complain about some of the big jet cockpits being scaled too large, so I don’t know what the effect will be there. But given how much better the outside world appears now I have to think there was an overall scale issue, and maybe certain jets were inadvertently (or intentionally) oversized to compensate, which would certainly suck.

One more thing, I am not 100% sure yet on this, but I think there might be a slight performance hit for me using the latest SteamVR beta vs. the released version. It seemed like there might have been a few more stutters. But for me, the improved world scale is worth the cost.

That’s cool. Actually, if you are halfway tech-savvy, download Unreal Engine and try their VR template.
Unreal Engine also has world scaling inbuilt. I just tried one of my UE4 projects in VR and it worked without a hassle. It was not even a VR project, I just enabled VR and good. Put my G2 on and was instantly able to look around in VR. Experimented with world scale next. The UE4 projects has forests that you can walk through and depending on world scale, I can be a dwarf or a giant. It is a really cool effect. Really hard to crasp intuitively what is happening. Playing tricks in the mind really.

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