Steeler's Photo & Video Diary

Bernese Alps

Flight from Bern-Belp (LSZB) to Geneva. In the background the Bernese Alps.


Lake of Thun

Flying with an X-Cub from Interlaken (LSMI - a former military airport) to Bern-Belp (LSZB). In the background the mountains Eiger and Mönch.


Grosser Mythen

The Grosser Mythen is a landmark in canton of Schwyz (Switzerland). The model here is from by @ChruutvoLuzi.

And what does the U.S. Forest Service do in this area? Yeah, never mind: small issue with the autopilot :wink:

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Valle di Blenio

Flying from St. Gotthard Pass towards Bellinzona. Below us is the Ticino river. The canton of Ticino is the Italian speaking part of Switzerland.


St. Moritz

Delivering a VIP from Geneva to St. Moritz :slight_smile:

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Pilots of the Carribean

Island hopping with [Foot] Bay of Mexico Islands Part 3 - C172

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Pilots of the Carribean - Leg 4

Some more impressions from the “Pilots of the Carribean” tour [Foot] Pilots of the Caribbean Part 4 - C172

Final Destination

The airport TNCS is named after the Aruban Minister Juancho Irausquin.

The airport has the shortest commercial runway in the world, only 400 metres (1,312 ft) long, flanked on one side by high hills, with cliffs that drop into the sea at both ends. []


The White House


The Lord of the Wings - The Spike Tower

As seen from Interlaken airport (LSMI), Switzerland. Interestingly the “tower” is even lit (the FS 2020 mesh generator must really think that this is a building of some sort ;))

Note: overlay of several FS2020 screenshots (custom “Storm” weather at dusk) - and edited for effect :wink:


Hong Kong

Hong Kong community fly-in event.

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A dull Saturday afternoon in LSZH, an exciting day in the cockpit :slight_smile:


Today I checked out the new scenery in the UK. London totally killed my framerate, so I thought I’d give Scotland a visit :slight_smile:

I started in thick clouds and rain. “Yes, England!” - but as is typical for Scotland the clouds quickly dispersed and gave way to this beautiful view of the Glenfinnan viaduct:

The second screenshot is the Loch Coruisk on the Isle of Skye. I have been to this place for real and the low-hanging clouds really add to the ambiance as I have it in memory:

From the southern end the Scavaig River, only a few hundred yards long, discharges into a sea loch, Loch Scavaig.

This makes the Scavaig river one of the shortest rivers in the UK (and in Europe).


Go Stillers! :wink:

This time I created an entire video instead of a single photo:

Video taken at Davis Monthan aircraft boneyard - the largest of its kind.


Spontaneous meeting of three Spitfires over the channel, then landing in Calais.


Even the crash sites look gorgeous here :wink:

The Simmental (Switzerland)

Closest airport: St. Stephan (LSTS)

Below: the small town Lenk im Simmental.



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Cinematic trailer: flying with the Fiat G.91 from Sion (LSGS) to Samedan (LSZS)

Music: Epic Trailer by John Yasutis
Video capture: OBS Studio

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Hurricane Ida, over the Gulf of Mexico:

Absolutely awesome