Stephen LaValle's Free Textbook on Virtual Reality

While seeking to better understand how my serious age-related presbyopia might affect use of any VR headset with MSFS 2020, I came across this free online textbook offered by Stephen LaValle. According to his Wikipedia entry ( he is

an American computer scientist , and a professor in the Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering at the University of Oulu. He was also an early founder and head scientist of Oculus VR until it was acquired by Facebook in 2014.

The site offering his book says in a blurb dated 2015 that the book will be published by Cambridge University Press but it doesn’t look like the book made the cut as a search now (5 years later) only turns up the online version.

Maybe the book is too basic for MSFS VR afficionados but I thought there might be others who like me would like to know more about the guts of VR beyond just using it and LaValle’s free book might be a beginning. If anyone has read the book extensively, I’d be interested to hear what you thought about it and whether the info has become dated relative to modern VR headsets that one might want to use with MSFS 2020.

Virtual Reality - LaValle

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