Steppy a/c yoke

Hi all. I have returned to msfs after many years away after being encouraged by the excellent graphics etc. However in trying to get my control stick to work correctly I have an issue that is driving me crazy. I have played around with the settings but I can’t get away from the yoke in the a/c stepping when you move the joystick until all of a sudden, the a/c yoke goes right over and you crash. Should I continue to play with the sensitivity or should I concentrate on another area to get a smooth control operation.

Despirate for help in resolving this issue.


When you calibrate the joystick in Windows itself, does the chart show any drift? If it’s an older joystick, the potentiometers might be worn/inaccurate over time. Repairs for that are usually BER, unless you’re handy and DIY.


Make sure that you have assigned e.g. aileron axis, not aileron left/right to your joystick aileron axis.

All sorted now, I had the wrong functions bound to the joystick. Hours of flying now in front of me.